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Project Pan 2019: Finale

The year is almost over and that means that it is time to wrap up my project pan, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to have done but I’m still happy with it and I can see myself planning out a project pan for 2020 because I think they are fun. For now, let’s just sink into this one and see how this year went.

project pan 2019 (1)

1. is 51. Something Orange: Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint

I don’t know what I was thinking of putting this in my project pan, I think I would have to use only this product to really finish this one up, I have used this a fair amount already but I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to finish this one up in another year. Maybe I can, if I focus on it more.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 90% Update #2 : 85% Update #3: 85% Finale: 80%

2. is 40. Sample Product: Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Dolly

I sat this one on my desk at work and something about sitting it there makes it super easy for me to get through, it’s like I eat lip products at work so I’ve been sitting things that there way I actually get through them and enjoy them. It’s a great technique for me.

Starting Amount: 90% Update #1: 90% Update #2: 80% Update #3: Finished. Finale: Finished.

3. is 61. Something Brown: Colourpop Brow Pencil in Dope Taupe

This is one that I liked the formula and application of bute I hated to shade of it, this one just didn’t suit me at all was far too warm for me to use comfortably, so I have decluttered this one and passed it along to the trash.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 90% Update #2: 75% Update #3: Decluttered. Finale: Decluttered

4. is 63. Something Glittery: Mac Kitchmas Pigment 

I have decided to declutter this, it’s a really pretty product but I just didn’t reach for it enough so I thought that meant that it was time to pass this one along. This pigment is for sure a great value though, so if anyone thinks they would use it I would suggest picking it up.

Starting Amount: 95% Update #1: 90% Update #2: 90% Update #3: 85% Finale: Decluttered

5. is 33. Chapstick/Lip Balm: First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy 

This was a really easy thing to use up, so much so that I don’t even remember using this. I’m going to say this was one of the first things that I used up this year and I’m going to say that lip balms are super easy for me to finish.

Starting Amount: 95% Update #1: Finished Finale: Finished.

6. is 83. A Highlighter: Nars Eyeshadow in Andromeda

I have been using this as a highlighter and I love it for that purpose, it’s just so pretty and light and honestly it’s pretty natural. I haven’t been playing with makeup as much over the past few months but I still really like this one and have made a pretty good dent in it so I will continue to use it into the new year.

Starting Amount: 95% Update #1 : 75% Update #2: 60% Update #3: 60% Finale: 55%

7. is 80. Something Expensive: CoverFx Perfect Setting Powder

This was not a powder for me, this one just left my skin looking powdery and I hate that, it’s just not a good look.  So, this one I passed along even though I had used a decent amount of it, but now it’s in a better home and I hope that person likes it more than I did.

Starting Amount: 90% Update #1: 70% Update #2: Decluttered Finale: Decluttered

project pan 2019 (2)

8. is 37. A Maybelline Item: Maybelline Gigi Hadid Lipstick in McCall

I did not love this lipstick like I thought I was going to, it just didn’t look the way that I wanted and it didn’t look great on me, so I have passed this one along and I’m happy with that.

Starting Amount:  100% Update #1 : 100% Update #2: 95% Update #3: Decluttered Finale: Decluttered

9. is 11. Something Hyped on Youtube: Anastasia Modern Renaissance

I started out pretty strong with this and have seriously made a dent in this product over the year, however, I haven’t touched this in a minute and haven’t really made any more progress in this. I still love this palette and I think this is a great one, I think I’ll pan this at some point even but I didn’t quite make it this year.

Starting Amount: 75% Update #1: 70% Update #2: 65% Update #3: 55% Finale: 55%

10. is 239. Something Turquoise: Benefit Porefessional Primer

I have finished up two smaller sizes of this year and finally started working on the full size of this about half way through the year, so this is not one that I made it through but I think I might have finished it if I hadn’t worked on those two smaller sizes. I love this, it’s one of my favorite primers and I will use this is up, just not before the new year.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 100% Technically Update #2: 95% Update #3: 80% Finale: 75%

11. is 35. Non-Black Eyeliner: Too Faced Sketch Marker in Emerald

This dried up and died on me, so that means this is trash. I’m not sure if this counts as finishing it or decluttering is so I am going to call it decluttered, however maybe I used this up. I’m not sure, but I will say that this dried up way quicker than I thought it would and that was kind of disappointing.

Starting Amount: 90% Update #1 : 90% Update #2: 75% Finale: Decluttered.

12. is 19. Matte Lip Product: Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie in Skinny Dip

I have been trying to not keep hold of things that I don’t like, I know I already own them but if I don’t like them or won’t use them I have decided to pass it along, so that’s what happened with this one. This is a great formula but this shade is just too warm for what I like, I was never going to use it.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 95% Update #2: 90% Update #3: 90% Finale: Decluttered.

13. is 41. Something You Haven’t Used in A Year: Wet ‘N Wild Eyeliner in A Case of Blue

I am guessing how much is left in this so I am not sure exactly how much is left but I have used this a handful of times since the last time, this is super pretty but I don’t use it as much as I once did and it’s getting kind of old so I might need to pass this one along, but for now it is staying in my stash.

Starting Amount: 50% Update #1: 50% Update #2: 40% Update #3: 40% Finale: 35%

project pan 2019 (3)

14. is 28. Blush: Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love

This is my favorite blush of all time and it’s so pretty, however, I was not able to use this up entirely this year because a blush is hard to finish. I have made a good dent in this and it’s super pretty, so I will continue to use this into the new year.

Starting Amount: 80% Update #1: 70% Update #2: 60% Update #3: 60% Finale: 50%

15. is 118. Something From Lime Crime: Lime Crime Plushie in Dahlia

Plushies are some of my favorite lippies from Lime Crime and overall really, these are just really fantastic products. These are really comfortable, thin and lightweight while also being long-wearing and smelling amazing. I did not get through this, which is probably not shocking at all. I think I can probably finish this at some point.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1 : 85% Update #2: 80% Update #3: 75% Finale: 65%

16. is 125. A Cult Classic: Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Stripped

This one is one that I finally tried a couple of times and every time I tried this shade I just didn’t like it, I found that it was too light and too warm for my skin tone, so this one has been passed along.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 100% Update #2: 100% Update #3: 100% Finale: Decluttered

17. is 123. A Cream Product: Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff

This is one of those products that I think will go on forever, even if I have made a pretty decent dent in this one. This is fairly easy to wear and leaves a really nice and natural-looking flush of pink on my cheeks, so this one will probably roll over into 2020.

Starting Amount: 80% Update #1: 75% Update #2: 70% Update #3: 50% Finale: 50%

18. is 144. Liquid Eyeshadow: Essence Metal Shock Liquid Eyeshadow in Moon Dust

This is one that I just haven’t touched and if I hadn’t touched this at this point I thought that I never would, so because of that I have passed this one along. This looks really pretty and fun but it’s not something I reached for so I thought that I would pass this one along to someone who will hopefully use it.

Starting Amount: 100% Update #1: 100% Update #2: 100% Update #3: 100% Finale: Decluttered

19. is 23. Item That Was A Gift: Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette

I think I mentioned this last time but I decluttered this palette because it held weird memories to me, mostly because of the person who gifted it to me. I enjoyed this palette while I had it but every time I went to use this I thought of that person and that was something that I just didn’t want to think about anymore, so I passed this one along to a new home where it will hopefully get more love.

Starting Amount: 80% Update #1: 80% Update #2:  80% Update #3: Decluttered Finale: Decluttered

So, it looks like I have only completely finished up two products this year, I decluttered nine products and there are still eight products that I am still using in my collection. I am not happy with myself this year, I wanted to use more things up from the project but at the same time I did declutter a decent amount of products, that is something I did a lot of this year and I am happy about that. I have also used a ton of other products this year but didn’t do great with my project pan, hopefully, next year I can do better.

How did your guy’s project pans go this year?


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