Best Blog Posts of 2019

I’ve never done this before but I thought this might be fun to add to the rotation this year, it may not stick but at least for this year I want to share my top ten most popular blog posts of the year. It’s like a throwback of sorts and I am excited to see what performed best the year. I will also only be sharing posts from the year, so it won’t be my most accurate of lists but I don’t want to share other years. Maybe I’ll do another one of these if this one does well or is interesting, but for now, let’s dive into the best posts of 2019.

  1. Dupe Tatcha The Silk Canvas vs. e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer – I am not surprised that this was my most popular post, these two products were everywhere this year and I think putting them head to head made a lot of sense. I still use both of these products and I do still favorite the Tatcha a little bit more, but both are great and I stick by what I said in this post.
  2. Face Mask Friday: e.l.f. Marsh-Mellow Soothing Mask – I was a little bit surprised to see this on the list, I can’t believe this was my most popular face mask Friday so I guess I’m going to have start rethinking my choices for face mask Friday a little bit. This still isn’t my favorite face mask that I’ve ever used but it’s not tragic either.
  3. Review: Colourpop Ooh La La! Palette – I haven’t brought this palette out nearly enough and seeing this one again I feel like I really need to, this has a bigger range of shades and looks than I had expected and looking at these eyeshadow looks really makes me want to bring this one back out.
  4. Review: Wet ‘N Wild Makeup Locker – I completely forgot about this post and I am very shocked that this is in my most popular posts of the year because I did not like this product. I have since gotten rid of this because I just didn’t like it, everything was okay and that concealer was awful. It’s still a great idea but it needs better execution.
  5. Review: Strobe Cosmetics Creepy Cute Palette – This was a great one and this is one that I still really love, this one is super fun and pastel and I can see why so many people were talking about it.
  6. Review: I Scream Nails Scented Range – This was a really fun one and I really need to do more posts like this, I love nail polish but I never review them or talk about full ranges, so maybe you guys will be seeing more nail related content in the year of 2020.
  7. Review: NYX Off Tropic Palette Hasta La Vista – I completely forgot that I even talked about or owned this palette, this one was fun and I can see why it’s here. Not my personal favorite of the year but it makes sense.
  8. Review: Lime Crime Birthday Palette – I loved this one, I don’t know what happened but I think I forgot about this one completely. This one is fun and was a surprise, which is nice.
  9. Review: Ace Beaute Slice of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette – Another fun and colorful eyeshadow palette, I guess colorful eyeshadow was really popular this year. This one is super fun so I can see why so many people were interested in this one.
  10. Dupe: Jeffree Star Androgyny vs. Lime Crime Teddy Bear – And to round things off is another dupe post, I really loved doing this even though I don’t actually own either shade anymore. These two just weren’t for me but I had a lot of fun talking about them.

I think this was super fun and really interesting, there were a bunch of posts I didn’t expect to see on here and a bunch that I had forgotten completely about. There were a lot more reviews than I had expected so maybe I’ll have to focus on posting more reviews this next year, we’ll see.

What are you guys planning to blog about in the new year?


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