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Holiday Makeup Looks

I’m realizing now that I probably should have posted this earlier because I feel like most holiday parties are over at this point, but I know over the next few days there will still probably be plenty of celebrations happening and I figured I could share some last-minute eye looks with you guys. I decided to just share eye looks because I feel like most people have base makeup looks down, so let’s dive in and check out these eyeshadow looks.

I’m just going to dive right into sharing the looks with you guys, starting with the far left one. This is my more glam and evening appropriate eyeshadow look, it’s a bit darker and it’s a bit bolder I think. I am really quite happy with how this one turned out and think this would be a great one if you’re going out around this time of the year or for evening parties.

The middle was is not everything that I hoped it would be but I still like it and I think this one is super festive, it’s also pretty out there and not your typical eyeshadow look if you ask me. This one is red and green-themed so I think it is pretty easy to see why this one is festive. The colors got a little muddy in a place or two and that irritates me, but otherwise, I really like this one and think it’s fun, perfect for anyone looking for a fun and festive look this season.

Now for the final look, the one on the right. I wanted to include this one because I think this is a little bit of a step up from the usual everyday eyeshadow one would wear, this is still really office appropriate and perfect for the day time. I think a touch of a glitter shadow would bring this to the next level but I just wanted to mention it, I think that’s how I would wear it for the season but that may be just me.

And those are the three looks that I came up with, I could probably come up with more but I wanted to keep it fairly toned down this year and simple as this one is really last minute. I am mostly happy with all three of these looks and could see myself wearing them.

What is your go-to holiday party look this time of year?


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