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Lush Christmas Giftset Wishlist

When I made my first Lush Christmas wishlist I don’t think that there were any of the giftsets released, I’m not sure why they weren’t but I didn’t see any so I kind of thought maybe they were skipping them this year, turns out that they are not. I thought it would be fun to share a handful of my favorite gift sets from this year as good last-minute gift ideas, so let’s dive in.

Dreaming of Christmas – I am not the biggest fan of the Twilight scent family myself but I know that it is a big fan favorite scent. I really wanted to include this one because this would be a great one for someone who isn’t into baths and it’s also great for scent layering, so if you know someone who likes the twilight scent then they will probably love this one.

Happy Christmas – This one is a completely different speed, this one is for the bath lover in your life, this one has a selection of five different bath bombs, this one has a mix of a little bit of everything. I think this one would be great for a bath lover who likes all sorts of different scents.

Gingerbread House – This one is a good mix of bath products and non-bath products, which is something that I appreciate, I like baths but I also shower most of the time so I think it’s nice to have a mix of both. I also love how cute this tin is! This one seems to have some more gingerbread house themed things and I think it’s pretty cute.

Snow Fairy – This is another one that is all in one scent and this is another well love scent that only comes out around the holiday season. This is Snow Fairy scented if you couldn’t guess, this one comes with four different products and is a mix of shower products and bath products. This feels like a great gift for anyone who loves pink and candy scented products!

Ho, Ho, Ho! – This one is so cute and is basically Santa themed, this one comes with a snowman, reindeer, and Santa himself! This is a smaller set which I really like, it’s good to have the option of smaller gifts. This one is for sure for a bath lover in your life and is something really festive.

Sparkle – This is another smaller set and this one is great for anyone who either doesn’t have a bath tub or doesn’t like to take baths. This is such a peppy combination of scented products, these are citrusy and delightful and I personally love the scent of both of these products. This one is for the citrus lover in your life.

Merry and Bright – This is another shower set, of course you can use a lot of these products in the bath but this is aimed more for people who like to take showers. This is a larger set as well, so I would say this is for that Lush lover in your life because this one has a great mix of product types and scents.

Love, Light and Peace – This is my last shower focused giftset on this list and it is a smaller one, this one kind of looks great for someone who is trying to get soft and glowy skin because it does have a shower oil and a scrub in it. I also think this one has more of a citrus kind of scent theme, so this is great for those morning shower people you know.

Golden Pear – This is a golden, fruity and slightly spicy delight. This is another smaller set and I think this features three of the best items from the Christmas range this year, golden wonder is a classic, golden pear is a wonderfully scented soap and the bath oil is also really homey and nice.

I kept this list a little shorter than my single item wishlist, but I think these are pretty great sets and kind of the best of the best, at least if you ask me they are. I think anyone who loves Lush or just loves pampering themselves would like anyone of these giftsets.

What is your favorite product from the Christmas range this year?


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