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Review: Lush Magic Lamp

I am thinking this one is going to be a shorter post so I’m going to apologize now, but I guess they can’t all be super long, right? Anyway,  today I will be talking about a product from Lush that I don’t think gets noticed or as much credit as it deserves. This is one of the Christmas scents too and I am super excited to talk about this one, so let’s dive in and see how this one goes.

Fun is a product from Lush that I have loved for a while but I don’t feel like it gets enough credit, I’m not even sure that I’ve talked about it on here before but I want to fix that and talk about it today.  Fun is a product that I think is aimed mostly at kids, it’s like a mix of play-doh and soap which sounds like it’s perfect for kids, but this one has all sorts of uses. Lush says you can use this as soap, shampoo or as a bubble bath and I agree with all of those things. I have also used this as shaving soap, which is the best use for it if you ask me, and I have heard of people using small pieces of this to wash their clothes but I can’t vouch for that one so use at your own risk in terms of laundry detergent.

Fun is very versatile and it’s fun to play with if you are into that sort of thing and I bet it would be a great gift or stocking stuffer for kids. Like I mentioned above I mostly buy this one to use as shaving soap, I love it for that purpose. I think it gives me a really close and smooth shave, it also leaves my skin feeling a little bit moisturized so it feels like two birds with one stone.

Let’s get into talking about this scent, in particular, this is the Magic Lamp fun and it does share its scent with a classic Lush Christmas scent and that is the Celebrate scent. They haven’t had celebrate lotion in a couple of years and I am sad about that, but I am excited to see the scent again this year. This comes with a lump of gold-dusted fun and three mini bath bombs, which I think is really fun. I have used one of the bath bombs and I think if you wanted to use them as a proper bath bomb you would probably have to use two or three, but the bath bombs aren’t the reason to get this.

I glazed over the scent a little bit so let me say that this is a citrusy scent, it smells very sharp and like citrus, but there’s a little bit of something more… earthy to it, nothing major but I can pick up a little bit of that. This one is mostly sweet, citrusy and a little bit boozy which makes it perfect for this season if you ask me. I like the shimmer on the outside but I don’t find that it sticks to the skin particularly, so if you are concerned about that this one should be good for most people, the shimmer does linger a little bit though.

I love this product, this scent is a classic scent that I love and wish they would bring back more, especially since I am not the only person who loves this scent. I am excited to be seeing this scent in new product types though, I must admit that the scent in fun is pretty great. I also love how this feels on my skin and I think this is one of the better shaving items that I have ever used.

Have you ever used fun before? If so, how do you like to use it?


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