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Review: Lush Fireball Bath Bomb

I am starting the week off right this week and talking about a bath bomb, this bath bomb is super fun and cute if you ask me, I am very excited to be talking about it. I say we just cut this intro short and dive right into the review.

This is the Lush Fireball Bath Bomb, this one is vegan and will run you $5.95, which feels really standard in terms of pricing.

This bath bomb features lots of great ingredients such as almond essential oil, Brazillian orange oil, cinnamon leaf oil, mustard powder and popping candy. So, this one sounds like it’s going to be spicy, or at least a little bit spicy along with a loud one due to the popping candy, which I personally am not a big fan of. I just think the popping candy is loud and doesn’t really add anything to the overall experience of my bath.

I really love the look of this bath bomb, it’s super pretty and once it is in the water it is stunning, but before I get into that I want to talk say that I think the fireball look of this bath bomb before it hits the water is really spot on. Now, like I said just a moment ago, when this bath bomb hits the water it’s really stunning and a great one for bath art. This one has swirls of red, orange and yellow and it is a really fantastic one for bath art. This bath bomb is one of the best ones that I have ever seen in terms of appearance, I’m super happy with it and would suggest it for this alone. Also, once it’s all dissolved this leaves your bath a really pretty shade of orange as you would probably guess and that can be seen below.

Now let’s talk about what is really the most important part, how this smells and feels. This bath bomb smell great and I think it’s a perfect one for the holiday season, this one has a little bit of a citrus scent to it that makes it smell kind of fresh but it for sure has a cinnamon scent to it. This one isn’t overpowering but it does really smell like cinnamon, it’s a very holiday scented bath bomb. Now, the last thing is the feel in the water and I really like this one. This one feels great on the skin, nothing over the top but it does feel more moisturizing than a typical bath bomb I think.

So, overall I really like this bath bomb and can see myself picking up another one before these go away for sure, this one is just really warm and welcoming and it’s super pretty, which is basically everything that I look forward to in a bath bomb.

What is your favorite scent from the Christmas range this year?


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