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Review: Lush Holly Golightly Amazeball

I am slipping back into the bathtub today and this time it’s to talk about one of the new products from Lush this year, that is the amazeball. This is kind of like a hollowed-out bath bomb with a mix of bath bomb and bubble bar dust on the inside, I am also convinced that the bath bomb itself is a little bit different but I can’t be completely sure on that one. Let’s talk about the fun little amazeball.

Up today is the Holly Golightly Amazeball from Lush, as you probably already know. This bath bomb is vegan and $8.95, keep in mind that this is a larger bath bomb and you do get a little bit of bubble bar in the middle. This bath bomb has some great ingredients such as Almond Essential Oil, Brazillian Orange Oil, and Gardenia Extract.

This bath bomb shares its scent with the Holly Golightly bubble bar from Christmas past, so if you are a big fan of Lush you have probably sniffed this scent in past years. I love the way this one smells, it’s very Christmasy to me, it smells like cinnamon, a touch of almond and a little bit of sweetness, I really like it and find it really relaxing. This feels like it would be a great one for Christmas eve.

I want to talk about the appearance of this bath bomb for a minute, I’m switching the order up again. I think this bath bomb is really simple but also really cute when it’s out of the water. I like the light green shade a lot and I like the swirly kind of look that it has to it. I also like the bath bomb plug they have in the top, it’s holly and it’s very cute. Once this hit the water it is so pretty, I wasn’t expecting so much out of a bath bomb that is basically one color. This swirls together in two different shades of green and the lighter green got really foamy, which I was not expecting but I actually really liked. That’s the part that I am not sure if is new or is it’s just this bath bomb, but this one got really foamy.

Once it fizzed away completely if left the water a really pretty milky light green shade, I’m not sure what’s up with all the bath bombs looking milky this year but I am a big fan of it. I think that this felt a little bit nicer than regular bath bombs, the water felt a little bit silkier and left my skin feeling great. I think this is just like a slightly elevated bath bomb and honestly, I like it and hope they keep making them.

So, I think it’s pretty clear by now that I really like this one and would suggest picking one up if you are into slightly sweet cinnamon scents, it’s a good one and I hope they continue to bring this scent back year after year.

Have you tried any of the new amazeballs? If so, let me know what you thought below.


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