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Face Mask Friday: Ulta Holiday Masks

It’s Friday the Thirteenth and I thought I would share some fun face masks with you guys on this one. I already had these so I thought this was the perfect time to talk about these, these are festive and holiday-themed along with being great stocking stuffers. So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s get into talking about these fun masks.

The first mask on the chopping block is the Ulta Brand Cinnamon Apple Cider Peel Off Mask and I am excited about this one. I want to start by saying that this one smells delicious and exactly like apple cider, it’s almost creepy how much it smells like it. This mask claims to help brighten, remove impurities and overall improve the look of skin. I think this one did a pretty good job at what it claimed to do, it left my skin feeling really great and this one was super fun to peel off. I don’t think the peeling off portion was painful at all, so if you have sensitive skin you might be alright with this one. I liked this one and if they sold this in a larger size I would probably pick this one up.

Next up is this Ulta Brand Ice Cream Social Cream Mask and this one is so cute, I just love the pink color of this mask. This mask claims moisturize and soften the skin, which I think it does. This mask left my skin feeling super soft and moisturized, just like it said it would and I am very happy with that. This mask has a really soft vanilla kind of scent to it, I think if you are sensitive to fragrance this one might be alright because it is so soft but just be aware that it does have a scent to it like most face masks do. Overall, I did like this one and if they made a full size in this product I would probably pick this one up as well.

Now let’s talk about the Frosted Sugar Cookie Scrub Mask and I did not like this one. I guess I’ve already spoiled what I think about this one but let me talk about it a little bit more so it makes more sense as to why. This mask claims to be skin smoothing, I’m not sure if it really has other claims because I can’t find it on the Ulta website. I think this did leave my skin feel soft and smooth, so it does do what it claims to do. This one doe smell really nice, it has a light sweet scent to it that I do enjoy but is very non-distinct. My problem with this is that I don’t like the scrub itself, I found that this one made my skin start to feel hot and it was impossible to get enough out of the packet to do my entire face properly. So I am not a fan of this one.

And lastly is the Sparkling Berry Sangria and this one did not have a noticeable amount of glitter in it, which was a little bit disappointing. And just to get this out of the way, this mask does have a tint to it that kind of makes you look like you have smeared blood all over your face.  This one smells really good, it smells more like cherries to me than it does berries but I don’t really mind that. This mask claims to be hydrating, keep skin plump and help with the overall appearance. I think this one does all of that and I think this one is hands down my favorite of the bunch, it smelled great, it looks a little funky and it was really fun to peel off. I would for sure get a larger size of this if they ever made it.

And those are my mini reviews of these four face masks, I figured keeping it short would be better for these since I was talking about four different ones and didn’t want to talk your ears off, especially after yesterdays long post.

What’s your favorite face mask? Let me know down below.


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