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Winter Clothing Wishlist 2019

Now it is time for my final wishlist post of the year and of this short little series, today is all about the winter clothing items that I have my eye one. I decided to do these wishlists because I thought they would give ideas for gifts this season but also this girl likes to do some online window shopping, talking about it makes me less likely to go on a spending spree. Anyway, let’s dive in and see what makes up this list.

Old Navy Long Sleeve Jersey Swing Dress – This dress comes in a bunch of different colors but I personally really love this mustard color and I think that the little dots are a fun addition to such a simple dress.

Wild Fable Babydoll Mini Dress – I don’t think this is that short on someone who is on the shorter side of things but I for sure can see that this wouldn’t be a good pick for a taller girl. I personally own this in leopard print and love it, I really want to pick up the black one because this seems like a fantastic basic to add to any wardrobe.

A Better Beginning Ankle Boot – These boots are really simple but I really love the look of these, the chunky base of the boot really adds a nice touch to it without being too much.

Old Navy Denim Jacket – I already own more denim jackets than any one person needs, but I don’t own a darker one like this one so I do have my eye on this one. This is a great basic to have in any wardrobe too.

Loft Plaid Tiered Swing Dress – I am not usually big into plaid but I think I am getting more interested in it as time goes on. I love the way this plaid looks, it’s not too much and this dress looks like it would be really easy to wear in the winter season.

Sparkle & Shine Hoop Earrings – I love glitter but I never wear it, I know I have said that before for sure but when I can incorporate glitter into my wardrobe I jump at the chance. These earrings are so cute and I think they would make a fantastic addition to any outfit that needs a little sparkle.

Old Navy High Waisted Gingham Pants – These pants are really simple but I like the look of them and they seem like they would be really great for the season. These look like they would be really easy to style but a nice way to spice up any everyday outfit with these and a sweater.

Old Navy Crew Neck Eyelash Sweater – This sweater is so fuzzy and I’m a little on the fence about that, mostly because I wonder if this is soft or if this is more on the itchy side of things. It’s for sure cute and I love this dark red shade.

Loft Plaid Coatigan – I love the colors in this piece, they are so soft and pretty, I just love it. This looks like a great piece to just slip on and head out the house on a winter day.

A New Day Long Sleeve Open Layer Cardigan – This feels like this would be a better transition piece between seasons than a winter piece since it appears to be thinner, but I still wanted to share because I love this color and you can always layer up.

Jewel Stole My Heart Drop Earrings – These earrings are so stunning and so simple, they look like they would be the perfect addition to just about any holiday look to dress it up just a little bit more and I like that.

Old Navy Slouchy Button-Front Cardi – I love this pink shade, though I must admit that I also really like the aqua shade too, these just look like they would be so comfortable and so soft.

Loft Plaid Shift Skirt – I don’t think this something that I would really wear but I just loved the look of it so much that I had to share it. I think this would be such a cute outfit with a pair of tights, a cute sweater and maybe a pair of booties to top off the look.

Coming Through Loafer – I’m not sure when I became this person but this girl likes a little bit of leopard print in her wardrobe, these are really cute and I bet they would be super comfortable to wear all season long.

Simply Squared Hoop Earrings – These earrings are really simple but I like that they aren’t just your typical hoop earrings but they aren’t too much either.

Old Navy Fit & Flare Scoop Neck Midi Dress – This dress is perfect for the winter season, it’s a little longer in the skirt length and sleeve length, which is great for the time of the year. This is made from a slightly thicker stretchy material and is so simple in design that it would be super easy to style.

Old Navy Waist-Defined Tiered Dress – I love the polka dots on this and I love how fun and flirty this dress is. I could see myself wearing this one all year round. This would look great with a pair of tights and a jacket I think.

Old Navy Chambray Classic Shirt – I have a lighter one of these but like the denim jacket I think a darker one would add a lot to my wardrobe, this is a classic piece but I also really like the way that it looks as well.

And that is everything that is on my winter wishlist, I tried to keep it on the shorter side and I tried to mix up brands a little bit more than I usually do, because as you guys may already know most of my wardrobe is from Old Navy. I think there’s still a good amount of Old Navy in this one but I also think I mixed it up a little bit.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for the winter season?


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