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Personal Christmas Wishlist 2019

I thought that it would be fun to share my own personal wishlist with you guys, I have kept it fairly short but there’s not a whole lot that I am really lusting after. So, let’s keep it short and just dive right into what’s on this list.

Sailor Venus Tee Shirt – I don’t wear a ton of ‘geeky’ things but when I do they are usually Sailor Moon themed in one way or another, I just really love Sailor Moon and have since I was a little girl. Sailor Venus is my favorite and I like this tee shirt because I feel like it’s not as obnoxious as it could be, plus it’s just really cute.

Moon Shop Geometric Earrings – I don’t know what it is about these earrings but they really draw me in, I think they are super interesting and really pretty without being too over the top. Plus, these are handmade and I love a good handmade item, especially earrings.

Melt Cosmetic Radioactive Palette – This palette is so bright and fun, I have a lot of bright eyeshadows but I am still attracted to this palette. I haven’t tried a lot of products from melt, really only four eyeshadows, but I really liked the formula so I would love to try this one out.

I Love This Part – I love reading and I have heard a lot of good things about this book, so I am really interested in getting my hands on this one.

HD Beauty Mango & Green Tea Eye Cream – I have heard good things about this brand but haven’t tried anything from the brand myself. I picked this one out because it sounds great, it involves mango and I don’t really own a lot of eye creams nor have I tried very many.

F.U.N Lacquer – I am interested in trying so many different nail polish brands because I have fallen deep down the hole of indie brand nail polish, I’m almost ashamed of it. But, anyway, I am really interested in this brand. This particular shade especially.

Sweet Custard Marshmallows – I know this probably seems a little bit random but these are some of my favorite candies, I used to get these when I was little and I love how tasty and soft these are. I keep these in stock most of the time but do not currently have any.

Tales of Norse Mythology – I love the way that these look, I have three of these already and really want to continue picking up fairytale and lore themed books, so I have my eye on this one next as it’s really pretty and I am super interested in learning more about Norse mythology.

Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Vol. 3 – I am so on the fence about this one, I keep adding it and taking it off of my wishlist because I can’t decide, but here it is on this list so I am going to keep it here. This palette is so fun and really pretty, which is why I have my eye on it. I have also heard a lot of great things about these palettes so I would be interested to try one out.

And that is my personal wishlist, I have a handful of other things on my list and on my radar but these are the ones that I really wanted to share with you guys. I am so excited for the Holiday season.

What’s on your wishlist this season?


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