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November 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I am here to talk about nail polish once again! I am still deep in the nail polish addiction, I told myself on Black Friday that I would be smart and then it was like I lost every last bit of my sense, so that should mean that December will have some banging nail polish colors… at least, I hope so. As for November, the flu really threw me off and I don’t have as much to share as I normally do, but I figured I would share anyway because I enjoy doing these posts, so let’s see what November brought to my nails.

First up is a not so great photo of Ethereal Lacquer’s Saturn, this is a really stunning polish, especially in the sunlight when you can see all of the color shifts to it, it’s really an interesting one. This one also has a great formula that really lasts, it lasts on the nails way better than most formulas that I have ever tried and I really love that about this brand.

Next up is a polish from KBShimmer and that one is in the shade Hidden Agenda. This is a thermal polish as you can probably tell by the two tones, which I love, thermals are so interesting to me. I really love the blue shade but I am a little bit on the fence about the light pink shade against my skin, this one may end up being passed along but I am not completely sure yet. This formula is actually really nice and I found that this lasted really well on the nails too.

This is a Shleee Polish in the shade Mint Julep, I adore the shade of this one and how it looks on my skin. This is one of the more interesting green shades that I own, it’s lighter but the tone of it is a bit more grey and murky, which I like more than I had expected to. As for wear time, I would say this is pretty average, it chips a little bit last pretty well on the nails.

My last polish for this month is the one that I am currently wearing as I am typing this and is another Shleee Polish in the shade Exsanguination. This polish was perfect for Thanksgiving if you ask me, it’s just a stunning rust orange with flakes of pinky/orange glitter in it. I just love the look of this one. The formula is okay, it is lasting pretty well but one nail did nearly chip off completely so there is that. I have a little of shrinkage on the tips but that’s probably because of my topcoat more than anything.

And those are the four nail polishes that I wore during the month of November, I have plans for December so I am hoping that I will be able to get those done and have more to share with you next month, though you never know.

What is your favorite nail polish brand?


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