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Review: Lush Warm Sock Bath Oil

I am excited to start reviewing and using all of the Holiday items that I have picked up from Lush, I have picked up a few things and i have plans to review all of them during Blogmas so get excited about that guys. Today I will be starting off with a bath oil, so let’s dive in and see what I thought of this little one.

This is the Warm Sock Bath Oil from Lush Cosmetics, this one is vegan and will run you $5.95, which feels pretty typical for bath oils.

This one is full of great ingredients such as fair trade organic cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter, corn oil, almond essential oil, Brazillian orange oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. A really great mix of warm ingredients that are meant to really soften the skin. This little one is oily for sure, which I think is perfect for the winter months.

I think the look of this one is pretty simple and straight forward, it’s a golden sock. When you let it dissolve in the water it leaves the water a milky white kind of color, which is a little bit disappointing but not that much since it is a bath oil and these don’t typically have color to them. So, I do like the look I am just a little bit underwhelmed with how it looks in the bathtub.

What really matters is how this one feels in the bathtub and like most bath oils this leaves me feeling ultra-moisturizing, if you are looking for something to moisturize your skin and add a little something extra to your bath then this one is for sure for you.

The last thing that I want to mention is the scent of this product, I really love the way this one smells and this one is really perfect for that holiday season if you ask me. This one smells really spicy and cinnamon-like, but it has a slightly sweet and soft edge to it that really adds to the overall scent of this product. It really reminds me of baking and baking reminds me of the holiday season, so I think this is a perfect fit to be sold at this time of the year.

Overall, I do really like this bath oil, I think the scent is nice without being too strong, i think this leaves my skin feeling moisturized and like I have applied lotion without having to do so. The only downside to this type of product is that it does leave the tub slippery after use, so just be aware of that and be careful when using bath oils.

Are you excited about the Lush Christmas range?


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