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Anti Haul: Black Friday Edition

It’s black Friday and because of that I thought I would share an Anti Haul with you guys, it just felt right. I am not sharing black Friday deals but instead just a bunch of stuff that I will not be purchasing the Holiday season. Let’s dive in and see what I am just not interested in.

Fenty Glossy Posse Set – I love the Fenty lip glosses and it seems like everyone is loving this set, however, I am just not excited about this one in the slightest bit. The colors just aren’t exciting for me and I am going to have to pass on this one.

Lip Smacker Mega Bling Bomb – No one is talking about this but when I saw this while I was browsing and I just thought it was kind of ridiculous. The fact that this is a blinged-out lip-smacker is just so strange to me.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Ghost – I am always kind of interested in these every year and I do own one, however, this one is just not jumping out to me and for something to be so expensive it really has to draw my attention in and this one just doesn’t do that.

 Too Faced Christmas Star – I hate the way that this looks, I don’t know what it is about it exactly but it just irritates me, so this one is for sure one that I will not be picking up. It’s bulky and the colors just aren’t anything interesting to me.

Fenty Trophy Wife Makeup Set – This is an entirely gold makeup set, which is such a strange thing to me, mostly because who wants gold lipstick? I am sure there are people who do and they are gonna love this set, but this one just isn’t for me.

Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions – I thought that I really wanted all of these when I first saw these on social media, however, I recently saw them in person and I was really disappointed with these. I thought I was going to love them but they just weren’t for me.

Tarte 9 Ways To Shine – I think these always look great, they look like they have a great variety and are a great value, however, I never heard good things about the quality. These sets are usually lesser quality and that’s just disappointing.

Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy – This is another one that I really thought that I was going to want, however, the more I look at it the more that I realize I don’t need this one because it’s not that different from the original one, which I do love.

Mac Taste of Stardom Mini Lipstick Set – I just have no interest in mini lipstick sets like this, the colors are all over the place and most of them are shades that I won’t use.

Violet Voss Sparkling Cherry Limeade – Does anyone really want an eyeshadow palette that is completely shimmer shades? Because I have never met a single person that really wanted that. This palette looks fun but I need some mattes in there to break it up.

Anastasia Holiday Glitter Kit – This just doesn’t excite me because all of the glitters look like it is basically in the same color range and that bothers me. I am also not a huge glitter girl myself so this one isn’t one for me.

Norvina Mini Pro 1 – I just simply do not like the look of this, the color story feels like something I have seen before and it just doesn’t inspire me at all. I also think this one is the closest match to the large counterpart and I’m not sure that I like that.

Anastasia Carli Bybel Palette – I feel like I am talking bad about Anastasia but I am just not excited about any of their recent releases, this one just doesn’t excite me and I am not the biggest fan of Carli Bybel so I will be passing on this one. I must admit that Anastasia does typically have great eyeshadow formula though.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde – I like the look of this palette, I think the colors are fun and interesting, however, I am just tired of seeing this retrograde stuff everywhere. It feels like another trend and it just rubs me the wrong way, so even though I do like the look of this palette I will be passing on this one.

Colourpop Flutterby Collection – I do not like the theme of this one at all, also Colourpop pumps out so much stuff in general that it is really hard to keep up with what they are releasing. This collection doesn’t speak to me and I am not excited about it.

Kylie Holiday Collection – This is another one that I am just not excited by. I think the themeing is really cute, I like the red and white peppermint swirls but the products themself are just not exciting me at all.

And those are the things this season that I am simply not interested in and will not be picking up, this year feels like it is really lacking in both things that I want and things that I don’t want but I did come up with quite a few things that I am just not interested in.

What’s on your anti-haul list this season?


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