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Love The Skin You’re In Tag

I am doing another tag, I have no chill when it comes to tags sometimes. I just really enjoy reading them and I enjoy writing them, especially one that is so positive like this one. I have done this before and I wanted to bring it back, so like usual, let’s just dive right into this one.

One feature you love about yourself? 

I think I am going to pick the same answer as before and say my eyes. I can’t see without my glasses at all basically, but I like the way my eyes look. My eyes are a dark shade of blue and are different from the rest of my family, which I think is interesting.

One feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted?

Maybe I shouldn’t have done this tag again because it’s looking like my answers are going to be the same as the last time that I did this, but in the attempt at being open and honest I must say that my answer for this one is my teeth. I have always had terrible teeth as long as I can remember, I’m trying to do better and slowly trying to fix them, but they are for sure the thing that I wish that I could change about myself.

Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections?

No, I’ve never actually thought about it, mostly because I am a big baby and am terrified of the idea of surgery. There’s nothing I dislike about myself so much that I would think about surgery to change.

One of your main role models for body positivity?

Megan over at the bodyposipanda on Instagram, I just love her.

Has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so what for?

For sure, my family might not always be the nicest to one another. I for sure have heard comment about my weight, the way that I dress and my teeth over the years, in fact, my mom brings up one of these things every single time I see her. I kind of don’t listen to it anymore because it’s simply not worth it.

Something you love about your fashion sense or style?

I love that I am willing to be a little bit out there, believe it or not. I like to wear loud makeup to work, even though no one else does and I for sure stick out. I like to mix patterns from time to time and I know what I like when it comes to dressing. I am really happy where I am in terms of my style.

Why is your body a great place to be?

Because there is no other one like mine, plus my body does amazing things and keeps me alive, which I quite enjoying being. I think my body is a pretty great place most of the time.

I want to tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag, I think it’s a pretty great one and I would love to see all of the answers that you guys give, so make sure to let me know if you’re going to do it so I can make sure to read it.


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