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Florida Vacation 2019 Lookbook

I am back from Florida and missing it already, I just hate the cold weather and am dreaming of warmer weather. That and the place we stay has a pool, which I love and miss. That’s not what today’s post is about, instead, today is all about the outfits that I wore while I was there. Let’s dive in.

Day one of this trip was spent in Epcot, I was unaware of that but happened to dress very Disney for the occasion. I wore this Tangled theme tee that I got as a gift, along with with a pair of jean shorts and my current favorite polka dot slip-on shoes.

Day two was spent at the Magic Kingdom, which was super fun and also unexpected. I wore basically the same outfit with a different top, I wore the same jean shorts and polka dot slip-on, along with this plaid tank top from Old Navy.

The third day was the day that we left Disney and headed out for all of the Orlando things. I wore this dress from Old Navy, these sandals that I have been rocking all summer long and this denim shirt to give me a little cover when inside the air-conditioned buildings.

Day four I kept it really simple with these sandals once again and this dress from Old Navy, I mostly hung out with my family and at the house that we were renting.

Day five I am bringing out the sandals again, I only brought two pairs of shoes as you can probably tell. I paired this striped tee from Old Navy with this really cute and simple black skirt from Mod Cloth. This was another day spent with my family.

Day six was the day that we left and as you can see I have gotten a bit sunburnt at this point. I kept it simple for a travel day, I wore this dress that I picked up from Kohls, along with this denim shirt over top and the same sandals that I have been rocking for days at this point.

I kept it really simple the whole trip but I am happy with how everything looked, except for my face, I for sure should have used more sunblock on my face.


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