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Lush Christmas Wishlist 2019

I am so excited, it’s one of my favorite times of the year, not only do I love the holiday season but I love looking at the Lush Christmas range every single year. This year is a lot more exciting for me than last year, I feel like I was a little bit let down last year but this year there are a bunch of things that I am interested in, so let’s jump in and talk about the things that I want to sniff and have drawn me in.

Lush Fireball Bath Bomb – Not gonna lie, the appearance of this one is part of what drew me in, this one looks like a really fun one, plus this one sounds like it will smell really festive and I am into that. It sounds like this one will be a citrusy and spicy scent.

Rudolph Jelly Face Mask – They are bringing this one back from last year and this is one that I got last year as well, I really loved the way that it smelled and what it did for my skin so of course, I will be picking this one up again this year. This one smells exactly like chocolate pudding and it makes my skin feel super soft, which I am very much into.

Satsuma Soap – Usually I am not one for soaps but I loved the way this one smelled in bath bomb form last year so I am entertaining the idea of this one just a little bit, I’m not sure that I’ll pick it up but that fresh citrus scent is drawing me in.

Warm Sock Bath Melt – I love a bath melt during the colder months, I love that extra bit of moisture it brings to my skin, plus I love a nice spicy and cozy scent during this time of the year.

Dala Horse Bath Melt – This is another bath melt that I am interested in because moisture, also the scent profile of this one really interests me because it’s nectarine, but it’s also gardenia and I hate that smell so this will for sure be one I sniff in person.

Baked Alaska Soap – Yes, another soap is on my list, this is one from previous years and I adore the way that this one smells. I’ll actually sometimes pick this one up and use it to clean my makeup brushes, which I might do this year. This is such a bright and beautiful citrusy scent.

Magic Lamp Fun – The scent profile on this one sounds like it’s celebrate scented from past Christmas seasons, which means that I need this. I wish they would bring celebrate lotion back, or bubbly shower gel, but until they do I will have to just enjoy magic fun I guess.

Pop Art Bath Bomb – I am interested in this one solely because the scent description sounds odd and I’m interested to see if it smells like popcorn or let the good times roll.

Drummers Drumming Shower Jelly – This is a peach-scented product and I am really jazzed about this one, I really hope that this smells fresh and sweet but I’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Cinnamon Orange Bath Oil – I really enjoy bath melts and I love spicy scents around this time of the year, something about a cinnamon scent just makes me happy and I love bathing in it. So, this on is on my radar.

Penguin Bomb Bomb – They brought these back this year and they are kind of creepy looking but I also like the idea of two bath bombs in one, it’s a good bang for your buck. I’m curious what this smells like because I’m hoping that it just straight up smells like oranges. We’ll see.

Not So Secret Santa – I’m not sure how much I like the look of this one, it looks pretty boring and it looks like Santa got squished, however, I am a huge fan of citrus scents as you guys can tell so I am interested.

Snow Fairy Fun – I am not a fan of Snow Fairy shower gel but I love pretty much everything else in the scent family and I really enjoy using fun, so this goes on the list.

Holly Golightly Amazeball – These interest me because it is a new type of product, however, I am not sure how different these are from regular bath bombs. This one is also a classic holiday scent from Lush so of course, this is on my list.

Santa Bubble Bar – Another citrus scent, how surprising, I’m not sure what other kinds of scents Lush could do but sometimes I think it would be nice to have a mix of scents, then again I like them and they usually smell somewhat different. Also this is a reusable bubble bar and it looks like Santa.

Santa Bomb Bomb – Another one of these bath bombs that are two in one and the scent of this one sounds really interesting, it sounds like it’s supposed to smell like a sweet blend of chocolate and vanilla which sounds amazing.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar – Is a classic product from Lush and I pick up a new one every single year, this one smells amazing and it’s always so cute.

Santa’s On His Way Bath Oil – I think this one is so cute and so fun looking, it’s bright and colorful while also sounding like it will smell very bright and lovely.

Silver Bells Shower Jelly – Another new shower jelly means that I have to sniff it for sure at the least, this one is silver and belly shaped. This one is supposed to smell like orange and lime which sounds like it’ll be right up my alley.

Chris The Camel Bath Bomb – This one is really cute and I love the look of it, a camel is something that I would never think for a bath bomb to look like. This one sounds like it should be spicy and fresh, which sounds interesting.

Galaxy Lip Scrub – A new lip scrub means that I have to try it basically, this one sounds like it is going to smell and taste amazing, this one is blue raspberry scented and I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this one.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – This one is a classic and I pick it up every year, this one smells amazing and smells just like celebrate body lotion. This one is also really cute and super fun in the water.

Jingle Bells Bath Bomb – This one looks kind of boring but I also really like the look of it, the bow on top is cute and it looks like there is a surprise on the inside. This one sounds like it’ll be interesting, it’s a mix of citrus and earthy.

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb – Another snow fairy scented product, they really have a bunch of snow fairy scented products this year, I think this scent is really popular. I am excited to try this one out, or at the very least give it a sniff.

Happy Shower Gel – This shower gel looks really amazing like it’s a beautiful shade and the shimmer in it just looks fantastic. This sounds like it will smell really fantastic as well, this is supposed to be a really bright and fresh sweet citrus scent.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb – This is another one that has been around for a while, this is one that I have seen a design change on as well and honestly, I really like the old design better but this one is still really nice and very sparkly. This one smells like toffee, it’s sweet and just really fantastic.

Fly Me To The Moon Amazeball – This is another amazeball and I’m still kind of interested in this one, this one is supposed to be citrusy like basically everything on this list and it looks like UFO which is enough to draw me into this one.

And those are all the things that I am lusting after this Lush holiday season, or at the very least would like to sniff if given the chance. I tried to keep it short but I’m never very good at that, especially because they always release so many fun new products.

Are you guys excited about all of the new Lush products?


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