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Pack With Me: Beauty

When the post goes up I will be back from my trip but I figured I could share this with you guys anyway, just in case anyone has some upcoming trips or upcoming holiday plans, I figured I would share and maybe give a little inspiration. This year I scaled my packing down and basically brought one of each product, except for lipstick which is pretty typical for me to bring more than one of. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s dive right into talking about what I am bringing along with me to Florida.

Fourth Ray Glisten Up Face Mist – This spray feels right for Florida to me, I’m going for a kind of easy and glowy base so this will be a great step I think, plus it smells really citrusy and I haven’t tried it very much yet so I thought this was a great time to bring it out.

Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powder in Mercury – I just love this highlight, this one is not subtle at all and is a bit much, but with a light hand, I think this is stunning and is one of my favorites.

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte – I have been trying to remember to wear sunscreen on my face more often as of recently and I have this sample, so this one is for sure coming along.

Benefit The Porefessional – I think this is my favorite primer that I have ever tried, it does a fantastic job at smoothing out the look of my skin while also extending the wear of my makeup, so this one has to come along.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer – This is one that I haven’t worn as much as I should have but I have really enjoyed it when I wore it. I think this one has a really nice consistency and is very comfortable, which is kind of what I am going for in terms of base.

Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Foundation – Bringing this foundation might be a little bit of a risk but I like the way that it swatches and the idea of it is exactly what I am looking for. I have not worn this on my face though, so hopefully, it’ll be alright.

Bareminerals Endless Summer Bronzer – This is one of the prettiest bronzers that I have ever used and while I don’t use a ton of bronzer, I really like this one and think it’s the perfect addition to my packing list.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – This is my favorite powder and I love it, which is reason enough to bring it along.

Colourpop Blush Stix in 25/8 – I love these blush stix, they are fantastic, super easy to apply and really comfortable to wear. This feels like the perfect Florida blush formula and a really fantastic shade as well.

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Pen and Gel in Dirty Blonde – I am pretty sure I talk about these two more often than a person should but I really love these, I’m not a brow expert by any means but I really like these two and think they really help take my brown to the next level.

Benefit Roller Liner – This is a mini size and I think this one is nearing its end, but it’s still going strong and I really love the formal and how easy this one is to use.

Anastasia Riviera Palette – As you may have seen this one is in the first month of my palette challenge, so I figured I should bring one of those along and I think this one has the best variety. This one can create more subtle looks with but it’s also got a lot of colors. I am very excited to whip this one out again and play with it some more.

Givenchy Volume Disturbia Mascara – This is another sample size but it’s the mascara that I am currently using and I will work my way through this one, plus this is a fantastic mascara.

Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas – This is a fantastic product and I will be bringing this along as my base, also in case I want to do any cut creases though I’m sure I won’t. This product is a little bit liquidy and hard to work with at first but it gets easier and a little wipe off of product really helps.

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer In The Nude – I don’t think they make this anymore if they do I can’t find it online, but I am still working on this and am nearing the end of this eyeliner so of course, I am bringing it along. Plus, this is fantastic for the waterline.

Half Caked Suga Suga Scrub in Cotton Candy – This tastes amazing and this does a great job at buffing the dead skin off my lips, this is still one of my favorite lip scrubs and I can’t believe I haven’t finished it at this point.

Ofra Moisturizing Lipstick in Rose – I just want to say that I adore the way the smells, it smells like cherry candy and I really love it. This lipstick is really sheer but gives a nice tint, it also feels amazing on the lips. This one is just super easy to wear.

Lime Crime Plushie in Milk Tea – I think you guys probably know my feelings on this one, I love this formula, it’s long-wearing but it’s super comfortable and this is hands down my favorite shade that I have tried.

Colourpop Just a Tint in The Strand – This is another one that is super moisturizing and I love the feeling of on the lips, plus I love the smell and I think this shade is super wearable.

Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow – This is the best lip gloss that I have ever used, the formula is fantastic and the overall look of it is great. This gloss is very wearable and very pretty, so into the makeup bag, it went.

And that is everything that I am going to bring with me to Florida in terms of makeup, I think it’s a bunch of stuff but I think I have really scaled back in comparison from past years, I have brought only one thing in almost all categories except for lipstick but that’s only because I couldn’t settle on just one. What if I wanted a gloss or a liquid lipstick? So I just brought one of each. I think this is going to create a bunch of great looks and I am really excited about this trip.


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4 thoughts on “Pack With Me: Beauty

  1. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Florida!
    When I’m traveling I’m like you & I bring one of each item except for lip products where I’ll bring different shades for the day & night & a gloss as well

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