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October 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I have barely had naked nails this month, no longer than a day or two at most. I have seven different nail looks to share with you guys and that is kind of a lot for me, I have just really been loving wearing nail polish, which is nothing new. I didn’t do anything amazing this month but I am excited to share with you guys.

The main color that I am wearing is in the shade Emerald from Cirque colors, which is a seriously stunning dark green holo polish. I can’t remember all the shades I used for the accent nail but I can tell you that it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted to, I think it was alright for a first attempt. Not my favorite from this month but I did enjoy this set.

I am wearing another Cirque Colors polish here and this one is in the shade Tuscan Tile. I am not sure about this shade, it’s not quite everything that I wanted it to be. This one is a little more red/chocolatey than I had expected it to be. I think this is pretty I am just on the fence about it.

This is Ethereal Lacquer in the shade Mercury, this shade is seriously stunning and one of the better shades that I have ever used. This one really shifts and really pretty, this one also has a fantastic formula and really clings to the nails better than most formulas that I have tried in the past. I will for sure be picking up more from Ethereal in the future.

And we have another Ethereal Lacquer Polish in the shade Morph. This one is really interesting and pretty, I think it looks a lot like a mermaid tail which is what really drew me into this one. Like the one above I must admit that this has a fantastic formula, seriously, it is one of the better lasting ones that I have ever tried on my fingers.

This is Ethereal Lacquer in the shade Oceans Edge, which got me lots of compliments at the dentist the other day. I will spare you guys talking about the formula, from this post you already know it’s great. This blue polish is super pretty and has a great kind of purple shift to it that is stunning, I am a big fan of this shade and am glad that I picked this one up.

We are switching brands here, this is a Glam Polish in the shade No One’s Slick As Gaston, which is from their new Villains collection that I really loved the overall look of. Glam Polishes are really fantastic, they are a great way of making the nails look dressed up with minimal effort in my opinion. This shade is really pretty, I love that it’s orange and really bright.

I am wearing Fancy Gloss Ay Mis Hijos with Ms. Sparkle Hocus Pocus over top. This is the combo that I am wearing as I am writing this and this is my Halloween themed nail polish, which I think this combo is perfect for. The base shade is a thermal that swatches between black and dark gray, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it because I’m not sure that I’ll wear it again though the formula is nice and opaque with two coats. The glitter topcoat is great, my only complaint is that the moons are hard to get in the polish however the seller did ship extra loose moons to use, which was nice and helpful.

And those are all of the shades that I wore during the month of October, pretty much all smaller and indie brands which I love. I still own a lot of mainstream nail polish but I am very much into the smaller brands at the moment, they just do more interesting things I think. Anyway, I am happy with this month and am hoping to have a great November.


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