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October 2019 Lifestyle Favorites

I talked about the beauty-related things yesterday and now it’s time to talk about the random things that I have been enjoying. And like usual, I have not written anything down, so I am just going to sit down and chat, let’s do just that.

I have gotten weirdly into journaling and coloring again, I have been having a few smaller panic attacks and I think this has been helping me out with that. I have been planning and journaling way more than coloring, however I have knocked out some pages in some of the adult coloring books that I own.

I have also rekindled my love of Black Cherry Ice and Chipotle Ranch Cheetos. These have been my snacking habits this month, the Cheetos more of an end of the month thing than the whole month but I have been enjoying them enough to share. And the Black Cherry Ice is a love that has been for a while and that I should probably kick but haven’t yet.

I have been watching Succession and The Crown the month. both are things that I have been really enjoying watching. I really have been loving The Crown and for sure need to finish that.

I think this is the last thing that I am going to mention before we get into my month playlist, I have a book to share with you guys that I really adored this last month and that is The Dress Maker’s Gift, this book is by Fiona Valpy and I really loved this. If you like historical fiction then you may like this one, I’d suggest giving it a read.

Maybe I am a bit biased on this since this is my most recent playlist and I am the one who picked out the songs, but I think this month is a really great mix and a fantastic lineup of songs. I love this playlist and would for sure suggest listening to any of these songs if you haven’t already heard them.

I feel like October flew by quicker than expected and that’s the reason why all of my monthly posts are so light, because once again this list feels really light as does this post. I think next month will be more interesting as a whole, so let’s just call October a wrap… though I have a couple more monthly posts to do so I guess it really isn’t.

What are some things that you really loved during October? I’m always interested in new books to read or snacks to eat.


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