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Packaging Made Me Buy It

I feel like it’s pretty normal to get suckered into packaging now and again, I didn’t realize how much stuff I had due to packaging until I recently started to go through things. Because of that I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the things that I purchased because of the packaging and maybe let you know how I feel about them a little bit. I also have an unintentional pink theme going on, but maybe that’s just what I’m drawn into.

Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powder – I’m not so sure that I would say that I bought this for the packaging but I thought I would include it because I completely bought this one for the name, Sailor Moon is my favorite. The packaging on this is pretty nice but I love the name, lucky for me I also love the product and thing that it’s a banging powder highlighter.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush – This is hands down one of the cutest blushes that I have ever laid my eyes on, the heart packaging and the cute little forest animals printed in the blush are super cute. I don’t think they make this product any longer and that makes me sad, baby love is one of my all-time favorite blush shades and I use it all the time when I am not sure what other blush to wear, it’s just a fantastic shade and formula.

Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette – This is really new to me so I can’t really say how I feel about this one, however, I can say that I think the packaging is adorable and that’s what drew me to this palette. I am super disappointed with the cotton candy on the front of the palette, it’s barely glued on so it fell off with very little effort which is annoying because that was the especially cute part of this one.

Pur x Barbie Iconic Lipstick – This packaging is some of my favorite lipstick packaging, it’s super glittery and I just love the shape of it, even though it’s kind of odd. This one also pops out which is very interesting, it’s just pretty great packaging and I would expect nothing less for Barbie.

Cute Press x Disney The Little Mermaid Lipstick – Of course, this packaging drew me in, The Little Mermaid is hands down one of my favorite Disney movies and I just love Ariel, These aren’t fantastic lipstick but they sure do have adorable packaging.

Chaos Cosmetics Hybrids Eyeshadow – This packaging is truly adorable but it’s also a pain to get open, it’s super hard and I hate that about it. The packaging is a sheer pink shell and it’s so cute, so I forgive it because it does open it’s just difficult.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie Mini Palette – I think this packaging is too cute and fantastic for traveling, it’s sturdy and looks like it can take a little bit of a beating while also being adorable and it smells fantastic. This was limited edition last year and is not available anymore, which is a bummer.

Colourpop Seed U Later Blush – I didn’t have anything like this shade in my collection but I completely got pulled in by the cute little strawberries. This is actually a fantastic blush and I like it more than I expected it to, so I’m alright with buying this one for the packaging.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint – This is something I have multiple of and completely picked up at first because of the packaging. These are too cute and I have learned since then that Korean beauty brand packaging is always so adorable, it sucks me in so I have to be careful with that. This is hands down one of my favorite lip products though, it’s very comfortable, a cute shade and it smells amazing.

Dose Of Colors EyesCream Eyeshadow Palette – This doesn’t have the best packaging that I have ever seen but it is what got me looking at this palette. This has that very pink and cute pastel look to it that I really like, as you can probably tell. The color story inside is really interesting and I like the overall look of.

I am sure these are not the only products that I have purchased because of the packaging over the years, they probably aren’t even all of the things in my current collection, however they are the first round of things that I really wanted to share with you guys and maybe I’ll do another one of these.

What are some of the things you bought because of the packaging?


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