Brand Spotlight: Lime Crime

I don’t think I have ever done a brand spotlight but thought this could be fun to do, I am thinking I am going to share some of my favorite things from a brand but also share some things that I just didn’t love, life is all about balance after all. I’m not sure how many I’ll post in each and I’m not sure if they’ll be even, but I wanted to take a minute to talk about brands that I love and the products that I love from them, so let’s dive in and see how this goes.

Let’s start this one out by talking about my favorites first, so let’s kick this post off by talking about the Plushies Liquid Lipsticks. I have tried a lot of these shades and I think they are all fantastic, these have a great formula. These are very thin so you can wear pretty much any shade from the line very lightly, but these can be built up to have a bolder color to them as well. These smell amazing and they wear like a dream, they are also super comfortable. I personally love shades like Milk Tea, Turkish Delight, and Butterscotch but everyone that I have tried has been fantastic.

Velvetines Lip Liners are what’s up next on my list. I love the formula of these, which is probably why I am including these on my list of favorites. These are ultra-creamy lip liners but they also stay in place really well and help prolong the wear of lipstick. I don’t find that these run at all and these are great to wear on there own, with a lipstick or even with just a little gloss over top. Some of my favorite shades are Angel, Gurrrrl, and Cinnamon.

I feel like I almost talk about this next on too much, they may be because I talk about it on Instagram too much, but it’s the Bushy Brown Pen & Gel. I love both of these and couldn’t decide which one to feature so I decided to do both, either one of these is great on their own but even better together. These are really user-friendly, they look fairly natural and are just a great product as a whole.

I have tried three of the Softwear Blushes and I have loved each one, these are such an interesting product because they are cream but they are kind of waxy, it’s a bit odd. I think these apply really well and really softly, so you can use just a touch and get a really natural glow or you can build it up and get some very bright results from this product. The shade that I really love is Petal.Jpg which is a different kind of color for me.

Now let’s switch over into products I didn’t like starting off with the Lip Blazes. I wanted to love this product, it’s a lippies and they smelled amazing, but I just hated these. I found that these slipped around on me and the colors just weren’t flattering or anything like what they had been online, I just don’t like these ones at all.

This next one isn’t the whole line it’s just the Angels Highlighter Palette. I didn’t like the way that these shades applied or how they looked on the skin, they were just sheer and more like glitter, not like a shimmer like I prefer.

This next one is another one I just didn’t like but have liked others in the line, that’s the Venus XL II. I thought this palette fell really flat, it looks so pretty and soft in swatches and in the palette, but when it uses it was basically not there. Most of the colors were so sheer and didn’t build up well at all, it was really a let down even though I was expecting a kind of sheer shadow. These were just such duds for me, though there were a couple of shades that were alright.

The last thing that I didn’t love were the Diamond Dew, or at least the regular line. I have tried a couple from the regular range and I wasn’t impressed at all, they were really sheer with very little color or glitter payoff, so I just did not like these. However I do have a few of the holiday ones from last year and those are pretty great, so I may or may not be interested in new releases of these but the shades that I tried first were not great,

I think that is everything that I want to share with you guys for my first brand spotlight, I will probably do more of these in the future if you guys enjoyed this one, and if not I might skip and let this be a stand alone. Either way, I do overall like the brand Lime Crime but I do have some issues with some of their products.

What do you want to see a brand spotlight on next?


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