Revisit: Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor

I’m pretty sure I never actually properly reviewed this but I feel like I talked about this a bunch, it was a favorite of mine and even made into a yearly favorites post either last year or the year before, maybe both. So let’s see if this is still yearly favorites worthy and dive right in.

This is the Hello Sailor from Lipstick Queen, this one will run you $25.00 and comes with 0.12oz of product, which means that this comes out to about $208.34 per ounce.

This lipstick is pretty cool to me, though some may think it’s gimmicky, this is a blue lipstick that shifts to a lovely berry shade. I think that’s really cool but maybe I am a little bit childish.

Let’s talk about packaging for a moment as per usual, I am very predictable. The packaging on this is really simple, it’s blue and has the Lipstick Queen logo on it. I love the feel of it, it’s really slick and feels nice. I love the packaging a lot.

Now, let’s get into talking about the product and formula, let’s just get this out of the way now and let me say that I do still really love this product and it’s as great as I remember, so I’m not sure why I don’t use this more because I really should.

I love how this lipstick feels on the lips, it is hands down one of the most comfortable and moisturizing lipsticks that I have used. This almost feels like a pretty decently pigmented lip balm and I love that, even more so during the cooler month which are coming up so I should really wear this one more. This doesn’t have the best-lasting power on the lips and does require reapplication throughout the day, but I think that is to be expected when you are using a creamy and moisturizing lipstick, but if you are looking for something long-wearing then you might want to skip on this one.

I think the color that this turns is beautiful, I think that it’s really interesting that it’s not the same shade on everyone as it is a color shifter and I think that’s interesting. I love the way that this feels on the lips as well, it’s just a really great product. The only thing kind of negative about this one is the price, I think the price is a bit steep but I have seen it on a sale a bunch and it comes in sets, so that helps with that a little bit.

What are some of your favorite lipsticks?


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