Makeup Stripdown Tag

I will be talking all about the items that I would keep if I could only keep one thing from each category of makeup, this one was hard and I may have cheated a tiny bit a couple of times, but overall I think I did pretty well and learned a lot by doing this tag. So, let’s jump in and talk makeup.

Eye Primer | Milani Eyeshadow Primer – I wanted to pick only things that are in my collection so these might not all be my all-time favorite but my favorite of what I currently own. I like this primer fine but it’s also the only one that is currently in my collection, so this would be the one that I would keep.

Pencil Eyeliner | Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in In The Nude – This is probably my favorite waterline pencil so I had to pick this as the pencil eyeliner that I kept, that and I don’t really use black so this seemed like the perfect thing to chose.

Eyeshadow Palette | Too Faced Gingerbread Spice – This one was hard but I think this is the one that I would keep. I know this seems to be a love it or hate it palette but I love it, this is a really fun one that you can create some fun looks with and some everyday looks, so that is why I will be keeping this one.

Mascara | Givenchy Volume Disturbia – This is just a sample and not something that I would usually go for, but I really love this mascara. This has a fantastic formula, not too wet or dry and the brush is really fantastic.

Eyeliner | Benefit Roller Liner – This is probably the best felt tip eyeliner that I have ever used, it’s just a really fantastic liner, it’s very black and very easy to control so I can get the exact line that I want.

Eyebrows | Lime Crime Bushy Brow Pen & Gel – This is where I am cheating a tiny bit and picking both of these products, they are called the same thing so is it really cheating? Either way I love both of these too much to not include them, if I am doing my brows then these two products are the ones I am using.

Single Eyeshadow | Wet ‘N Wild Creme Brulee – This is the only eyeshadow that I have ever used up more than one time, this is probably my third or fourth one at this point and this one has a dip in it. This is the perfect base and shade to blend out looks with when a palette doesn’t have this shade or is already used up.

Bronzer | bareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzer – I don’t have a ton of bronzers because they aren’t really my thing but if I had to keep one of the few it would be this one. This bronzer is really natural and looks pretty great on my skin, it’s super easy to work with as well.

Setting Spray | Urban Decay All Nighter – This is the only setting spray that I really feel like does anything and I love it, so I can’t let this one go.

Primer | Benefit The Porefessional – I think this primer makes my skin look pretty fantastic, it really smooths out the look of my skin and I think it does help prolong the wear of my foundation.

Blush | Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love – This has been my favorite blush for a while now, if you have been here a while you probably know this. I think this shade is perfect for my skintone, it goes with basically every look and I just love the packaging.

Foundation | Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless – I don’t think this leaves my skin looking majorly matte but it does give it a really nice satin finish. I think this has pretty standard medium coverage and you can build it up a little bit, though if you try and get it to full coverage I think it starts to look a little bit cakey.

Highlighter | Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powder in Mercury – This is a beautiful highlighter and I love the way it looks on my skin, plus I like the packaging and I love the name of this one.

Concealer | Milk Makeup Flex Concealer – I love the way that this brightens the under-eye on me and I love that it does a pretty good job at covering small areas, I also love how it feels like nothing is on.

Powder | It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder – I have never loved a powder quite like I love this one, this is my favorite powder ever. A tiny bit of this powder goes a long way and it leave my skin looking so smooth, it’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

Lip Gloss | Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow – The only reason I tried this was because a friend of mine went on about it, she said it was amazing and I had to try it, I’m glad I listened. This is one of my favorite lip glosses ever, the color is beautiful and the slight shimmer is nice, I love the smell and it’s not too sticky. This is basically the best gloss.

Lip Balm | Lypsyl Yummy Stick in Sea Salt & Caramel – I wish these were easier to get my hands on, I can’t find them in store but I am always on the hunt for them. This is hands down my favorite lip balm that I have ever used, it smells amazing and it’s so moisturizing. I love it.

Lipstick | Nars in Dolce Vita – This might be the best shade of lipstick ever, I think it’s so pretty and so flattering on my skin tone, along with having a fantastic formula.

Liquid Lipstick | Lime Crime Plushie in Milk Tea – These smell amazing, these also have the most comfortable and lightweight formula of any liquid lipstick that I have ever tried. I adore the color of this as well, it’s very my lips but better in terms of shade, so overall just a fantastic product.

Lip Liner | Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Liners – I don’t have a particular shade in mind for this one but I do know that I would keep on of these. These lip liners have a seriously amazing formula, they are super creamy while being very pigmented as well.

And that’s everything that I would keep if I could only keep one, a good mix of products and brands I think. It does appear that I typically like a slightly more expensive product but I like what I like and in this scenario I might as well keep the best of the best, right? Lucky for me that this isn’t a thing and I get to continue having too much makeup and enjoying it. Also, because I am curious I tag anyone who sees this and wants to do it, and if you do let me know so I can go read it.

What would you keep if you could only keep one?


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6 thoughts on “Makeup Stripdown Tag

  1. This is a fun tag especially since you don’t actually have to keep 1 of each product lol.
    I don’t have the Too Faced palette, but it does look pretty & I agree w/ you 100% about the Urban Decay setting spray! & I really want to try the Fenty gloss bomb!

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