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First Impression Friday: EYN Brights

Usually when I do first impressions I stick to one smaller item and this month I decided to mix it up, I will still be focused on only one product however this one is going to be a big one. I did two different looks in one for something else, but I also think that this was a great chance to give a good first impression of this massive colorful eyeshadow palette. So, let’s dive in and see how this one goes.

This first impression post is all about EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette, this one will run you $20.00 and I think that is a fantastic price for this amount of eyeshadows.

This particular palette comes with a wide variety of shades, basically every color that you could ever want in an eyeshadow palette. This one also has a bunch of different finishes, this one has matte, satin and metallic finish so it’s super easy to fully create a look using only this palette.

Now let’s talk packaging, I have mixed feelings about this packaging but the problems I have with this packaging I’m not sure how you would fix. This is a big palette and I hate it, but like I just said, I’m not sure how you would fix that except for maybe making the eyeshadows smaller. I do like how simple the layout is, there’s not a lot of wasted space and everything is very clearly labeled, so I do like that. I also like how the colors are laid out, it makes sense and the color story is rather pleasing to look at. I think the packaging feels really sturdy and nice for cardboard packaging, I just have a little bit of annoyance with how giant this one actually is.

These are the two eye looks that I came up with using this palette, which you will be seeing again this weekend but we won’t get too much into that one. I did two completely different looks because I thought that would be a fantastic way of talking about this palette. I personally love the pink look, I think it came out fantastic, overall I am really happy with how it looks, everything is rather pigmented and really blended easily. The right is cute as well, though I had a little bit more trouble with the greens but nothing too awful. I think the mattes in this palette are really fantastic, they are rather pigmented while also being buttery and super easy to blend, they are the real star of this palette. The shimmers are a little bit lacking, they aren’t bad per say but they do take more effort to build up to where I want them to be, some also won’t get there as they are really sheer.

Overall I really like this palette and based on my first impressions of this one, I like it and can see myself keeping this one around and playing with this one a lot more. This is a great one if you are interested in colorful eyeshadow but aren’t sure where to start, it’s a great range of colors and a really fantastic price.

What are some of your favorite colorful eyeshadow palettes?


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