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Try It Tuesday: JLLacquer

It’s one of my favorite posts to do every month because this one is based off another one of my favorite posts to write, I find all kinds of cute things on Etsy and this is the post where I take the time to talk about them and share what I thought about them with you guys. Let’s get into it and talk about some nail polish this month.

If you couldn’t tell by now this one is all about JLLacquer over on Etsy. I love nail polish and am in a huge buying too much nail polish faze, so this gave me a reason to try out some new polishes from a new brand.

Let’s start this off by taking a minute to talk about the packaging, then we’ll get into each polish. I really love the bottles these come in, they are really simple and a good size, the brush has a nice feel to it as well. I also like the logo, it’s very simple and soft which feels like it goes along with the brand. As a whole, I do like the packaging.

Let’s start by talking about the shade Dream a Little Dream of Me, which will run you $17.95.

This was the shade that really drew me into this brand, I’m honestly not usually super into nudes because I find them hard to pull off but this light nude pink jelly base really caught my attention.

I am not the biggest fan of the shade of this base against my skin personally, it’s just a little bit too pink for me however at the same time I do think it’s kind of cute. This polish also has little pieces of glitter and stars in it, which I think is a great touch.

The formula of this particular shade is actually really nice, I think it goes on really well, it does go on sheer but that is to be expected when you deal with jelly polish. Three coats get it to this opacity, which I like the look of because it’s almost all the way opaque but still shows a little bit of your nail lines.

Up next is the shade Loki, which will run you $15.00 and my favorite of the three that I ordered.

I love a minty polish and this is the perfect tone if you ask me, it reminds me of a tiny bit more blue mint chip ice cream and I love that shade. This one is also a jelly base and has various pieces of glitter in it.

This polish has what looks like copper pieces of glitter in various sizes along with gold stars, it’s a really dreamy combination and I really love it. I love the way this looks on my skin and I think this may be one of my new favorite nail polishes.

As for formula, this one is really similar to the one above. This one goes on a bit sheer like jelly polishes tend to be, but it can be built up a little bit like it is here. This really lasts well on the nails as well, I wore these for probably five to six days before they started to chip and that’s pretty good for me.

Now it is time for my last polish of this post, this is the shade Fantasyland and will run you $14.50.

This polish is a glitter topcoat, so the pink base is not the color you will see when you use this polish but instead a color that I thought looked really nice with the whole vibe of this polish.

Fantasyland is a glitter polish that has little specks of gold glitter, purple glitter, slightly larger pink, and aqua glitter. The thing that really puts it over the top is the blue mickey mouse shaped glitter. I saw this one and knew that I had to have it.

This application feels pretty standard for most glitter top coats, you can put on one coat for just a little bit of sparkle or you can keep layering it up. I’m sure you could also do hand placed glitter but I did not opt to do that because lazy. This one is a bit of a hard one for my to comment on wear, it felt fairly decent though those Mickey Mouse heads do come off fairly easily.

Overall, I do really like these polishes and like this brand. I do think the prices are just a tiny bit steep but they are nice polishes, they look just like you would expect them to and they go on like a dream which is something that I love. I could see myself picking up a couple more from this shop at some point.

What is your favorite brand of nail polish?


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