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Lush Halloween 2019 Overview

Anyone who has been here for a while knows that I love Lush and my blog actually started out with me focusing primarily on Lush products. I am always excited about new releases but this year Halloween is kind of letting me down, it’s just not as large or interesting as I would have liked, either way, let’s talk about the range this year.

Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub – $10.95 – I love Lush lips scrubs and I do enjoy pumpkin spice from time to time, I’m not sold on this one yet as I haven’t tried it but I am interested. This sounds really festive for the fall season and hopefully tasty while also being a great scrub.

Ghost in the Dark Soap  – $7.95 – I am not a big fan of bar soap but this one sounds interesting because this one does, in fact, glow in the dark, which sounds really pointless but also pretty cool. This one sounds like it had a really citrusy scent and I might just have to try out a bar soap, not often do Lush soaps get my attention like this one.

Glow Worm Fun – $6.95 – This is another glow in the dark product and once again I am interested, maybe I’m just a six-year-old at heart but either way I really want to try this one. I personally love using fun to shave with but it has all sorts of uses, plus this one is supposed to smell like lemongrass and that sounds great for the morning time.

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb – $6.45 – This bath bomb feels like it fits in with the spirit of fall and I’m kind of excited to give this one a sniff, this little pumpkin is supposed to smell like pumpkin and cinnamon which is perfect for this time of the year. Plus, look at how cute this one is!

Bewitched Bubble Bar – $7.95 – This is a bubble bar that I have seen before and I have had before, I personally did not like it because it was too strong and too sweet for me. This one is supposed to smell fruity and leave your bath water looking black, which is something that I love the look of but I just didn’t love the smell.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar – $7.95 – This is another one that has been around for a while and another one that I did not like, there is something about this one that just smells off to me. I do like the glitter and I like that it is a pumpkin but something about the mix of fruity scents and what kind of smells like pine to me isn’t doing it for me.

Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb – $7.95 – I love the look of this bath bomb, I’m not sure what it is about it but I like the way that it looks. It’s like a Halloween themed planet almost. The scent profile of this has me a little concerned but also curious, this one is a mix of cinnamon and ginger, along with gardenia and lemon, it sounds like too much but I am not sure. I will have to smell this one.

Boo! Shower Slime – $18.95 – This is a new product type from Lush and I am excited about it, I really want to try one of the new shower slimes I am just not sure if this one is for me. This one is supposed to smell like bubblegum and I typically hate bubblegum scents, however, I do think it is fun that such a sweet scent is paired with such a dark slime.

Lord of Misrule – $7.95 – This another one that has come back this year and I know is a big fan favorite, however, I am not a big fan of this one. I wish I were though because I love the look of this one in the water. This one is pepper and very kind of earthy, it’s unusual and I imagine that’s why it seems to be a love or hate kind of thing.

Monster’s Ball – $7.95 – And this is the last of the range that is returning this year, this one is one that I love and will have to pick up one or two of before they leave for the year. This one is Calcas scented which means it’s a really bright and fun citrusy scent, it really wakes you up and I love it. Hands down one of my favorite scents ever from Lush.

And that is the Halloween range, there are some gift sets and knot wraps that I didn’t talk about but I think that this is the bulk  of what has come out. It’s a good range of things and it’s an alright lineup personally, I’m excited about a few things but there is a good chunk that I’m just not over the moon about.

What will you guys be picking up from the Halloween range this year?

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