Why September 2019 Was Awesome + Goals

It’s a new month which means that it is time to wrap up the previous month and I think this one was a pretty good one. I also must say that I feel like the only person who is not excited about October, I’m just not much of a Halloween gal myself and the month is just another month between me and getting to talk about and obsess over Christmas. For now, though, let’s talk about September.

Let me start by giving you guys an update on the house, the bricks are completely finished and it looks really fantastic. The electrical rough-in is done along with the plumbing and HVAC. We have a well and we have a gas line ran now, which is also very exciting. We have insulation finished and they have started on the porches. It is really coming along and I am so excited and ready for them to be done, also I may have mentioned some of this before but I couldn’t remember and I have a really hard time remembering what happened in August versus September.

My birthday was this month and my husband helped me celebrate my birthday week, it was a really fantastic one, so it is safe to say that I started 26 off on a great foot. He took me out to dinner, bought me a cake, made me a really fancy cheese plate and we got a kitten! That was super exciting. Also, there were presents but most importantly a little baby kitty. He is not really introduced to our other two cats yet but we’re working on that.

I had a huge declutter at the very end of September that is still going a little bit but for the most part, I have majorly cleaned out a lot of areas of my life and I am excited about that.

Let’s see how my goals from last month went starting with eating out less which is one that I think I accomplished. I may have broken it once one week but overall I have stuck to not eating out more than four times a week and I am proud of that. Now, I am so close to this next one, that is my reading goal. I have nearly caught up with my challenge, I am so close that I can taste it but I did not make it there this time around. I have done a fantastic job at decluttering as I mentioned above, I’m not sure that I’m done with everything but I have made some good progress. As for driving more, I haven’t really done that one, I have a little but nothing too exciting. I’m still getting used to driving alone and doing much better on short distances.

Now for this month’s goals starting with finishing my declutter, I still have nail polish to sort through and my wardrobe somewhat, since I will probably be packing up most of my summer wardrobe this month. I would also like to get two books ahead on my reading challenge, I’m basically caught up so now it’s time to get ahead. I really want to up my work out schedule to four days a week which hopefully shouldn’t be too hard but we will see.

I had a good September and I’m a little bit sad to see it go, I typically enjoy the month but alas, it is gone so I’ll have to wait another year for it to come around again.

How did September treat you guys?


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