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Fall 2019 Fashion Wishlist

Can I just say I can’t believe that this is already my last post for the month of September? The month has flown by and I’m kind of sad about, though I am excited to be closer to the holiday season. But that is not what today is about, instead, today is all about the list of things that I am lusting after, some of which I know I will end up purchasing and adding to my wardrobe and others I know are just something to look at because they won’t go with my wardrobe. So, let’s talk about all of the pretty fall clothing.

This golden-colored boat neck sweater from Old Navy is really the perfect shade and weight for fall if you ask me. I also adore the shade of this rusty sweater, I’m ready to see some leaves change this color. I think this polka dot cardigan is simple but would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe. This simple denim skirt is something I am drooling over, the length is perfect and it has pockets. I think this overall skirt is too cute and I think it would look fantastic with a stripe long-sleeved tee and some fun tights this upcoming fall season. This next one is one of those ones that I’ll probably never get but I love the look of these low striped heels. And another pair of shoes that I love are these maroon and golden colored ones that I would love to wear everywhere but would probably never wear, I can look at them though. I’m not usually much of a jewelry kind of girl but I really like the look of this necklace one and I think it could easily spice up a simple outfit. I am sure this is not what you typically think of when you think of fall but this Artemis pocket tee has caught my attention.

This golden chenille cardigan sweater is a beautiful shade and it looks super soft, I bet this would be so snuggly for the fall season. I love the look of the plaid midi skirt, it’s just so classic and cute. These tri-colored asymmetrical flats are so simple but an interesting addition to any wardrobe. I love striped and I love the camel kind of shade of this cardigan. This all booked up tee speaks to me and is something I need in my wardrobe asap. I love how simple but stylish these geometric earrings are. Yes, this next pick is another plaid midi skirt but I just love the look of them, especially for the fall and winter season. I want a pair or two of fun colored tights to go with all of the black dresses I wear in the winter, so maybe these will find their way into my collection. The last one in this collage is this really pretty and super soft-looking striped sweater that just looks too cozy.

I would probably never carry this around but I really love this look of the simple but still kind of fun black backpack. These disk earrings are really simple but also make a really fun statement. I personally love the look of boyfriend jeans in the fall and I really need a new pair so these are on my radar for sure. I really love this golden color for the season and I really love this simple henley. I always want to be that girl that wears really cute scarves but I’m not and I don’t, I do think this plaid one is super chic though. I tried these grid pants on the other day and these are really just nicer leggings, which I love. These leopard print earrings are too cute for me not to mention at least once. I love the look of this really muted teal cardigan that is oh so soft. The last thing is these dotted slip-on mules that are so cute.

And those are the things that I have my eye kind of on, some of the more so and some of them less, but either way these are the things that I think interest me. I also tried a different post format than my usual wishlist format, do we like this more or less? I can’t really decide.

What is on your fall wardrobe wishlist?


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