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Revisit: Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation

I do really enjoy doing these revisit posts but I am having a little bit of a hard time drumming up what I want to revisit, I am also not sure how new is too new, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Probably. Either way for today I will be throwing it back and seeing how I feel about this one, so let’s talk foundation.

Today is going to be focused on the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation. This one will cost you $9.99, has a total weight of 1.0oz of product which means that this one costs $9.99 per ounce of product. This is a pretty average size and a really good price if you ask me, so this one is already doing well in terms of that.

Let’s talk about the packaging for a minute. I am kind of indifferent about the look of this packaging, it’s nothing exciting nor is it tacky, it’s fairly simple and straightforward. It looks like what I would expect to see from Milani. I do like that it’s glass and it feels very sturdy, which is nice.

The thing that irritates me about the packaging is the pump, the pump is so wishy-washy if you ask me. Sometimes this pump works and sometimes it doesn’t, I’m not sure why and I’m not sure if it’s just mine, but either way it is frustrating because sometimes it just doesn’t work. Luckily the top does screw off this one so if it’s not working I can do that but like I said above, it is frustrating.

They have expanded this range some and have a better selection of shade than they once did, though it’s still not the biggest but it is improving. I use the lightest shade and I think it’s a pretty decent match.

This coverage of this foundation is a little bit light for what I would consider a medium to full coverage, nothing major but I do feel like you can still see some of the freckles and such of my skin showing through.

I think that the formula on this one is very thick and almost mousse-like, though it still comes through the pump easily so it’s not that thick. The application is a very easy one and it seems to be a pretty even application on the skin.

The lasting power on this is pretty good, I find that my skin still looks roughly the same eight to ten hours after application, there is sometimes a little bit of wear but usually, that’s around my nose for whatever reason.

I don’t think I love this foundation as much as I once did, I’m not saying that I don’t like it or that I think it’s a bad foundation, I just don’t love it as much as I did before. I like this foundation, I think it’s a comfortable foundation with really great wear time, however, I do have some issues with it but nothing so bad that I wouldn’t wear it. I will probably finish this one but I may not repurchase.

What is your favorite foundation?


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