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First Impression Friday: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Control Freak

This has been sitting in my drawer untouched for way too long, so what better excuse than to do a first impression Friday? I couldn’t really think of one, so that is why we are here. I am excited to try this one out and talk about it, so let’s dive in and see how this one went.

This first Impression is all about The Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this one is in the shade Control Freak and will run you $18.00. This one comes with 0.15oz of product total and will run you about $120.00 per ounce of product, which an ounce of lip gloss does sound like a lot so maybe that isn’t too terrible in terms of price. Though I do think some of the price for this one for sure comes from the packaging, it’s very extra and over the top, I’m not a big fan but I assume that’s part of it.

I personally do not like the packaging of this one, I think it looks cheap and is kind of tacky while also being bulky. It just isn’t my cup of tea, though I must say it is a really easy one to pick out of my collection. This feels sturdy and nice I just hate the look of it.

This has a pretty typical applicator wand, it’s one of those flat ones and I like it fine though it’s not my personal favorite. I still find it super easy to apply precisely and that’s nice.

I have such mixed feelings about the formula of this one, I adore the way that it smells and feel on the lips, however, I find that it also settled into the lines on my lips a lot as you may be able to tell. That is irritating, but it wears really nicely in terms of feel and how long it lingered on the lips.  The smell of this one is also fabulous, it smells like vanilla, it’s so sweet and nice without being too much.

As a whole I am not sure how I feel about this lip gloss, I’ll have to give it a little bit more of a chance and see how it does over other products and such, so this one is not love at first sight in the slightest. I hate how this looks on the lips but I really love how it feels, it’s not overly sticky and is really the best consistency for a gloss. I am not ready to give up on this one quite yet.

Have you tried The Gloss from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?


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