100 Days of Eyeshadow Finale

I can’t believe that this project is over and more importantly, I can’t believe that I actually finished it, I wasn’t so sure going in but now I am glad that I did this. I think it was really fun and something I really enjoyed, finally playing with all my eyeshadow palettes and decluttering some things. I did go over 100 days by a little bit but I still wanted to share those looks, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s just dive right in.

Day 94 – Profusion Spectrum Palette – This is a bright pigment palette so I decided to do a rainbow look with them. I have mixed feelings on this one because I think it looks good and blended really well, however, I am not sure that the pigment is where I want it to be. Verdict: Keep.

Day 95 – Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments – This is another bright pigment kind of palette and this one has pretty much every shade under the sun in it. This one is fantastic though, the pigment is very good and the application is also pretty fantastic. Verdict: Keep.

Day 96 – Morphe Armed & Gorgeous – I thought that I was going to hate this palette based on the reviews but I purchased it anyway because I got it on a good sale plus I loved this color story. I am actually really satisfied with the outcome of this look, I think it’s very pigmented and looks rather nice. I am excited to try this out more. Verdict: Keep.

Day 97 – Lime Crime Sugar Plum Pocket Candy – I have had the yellow one before and wasn’t a big fan of it, I’m not sure how I acquired this one but I’m actually really into this one. I think the shadows are soft without being dusty and I think they go really well together on the eye to create a very cohesive look. Verdict: Keep.

Day 98 – Makeup Revolution Visonary – This is a dupe of the Norvina palette I believe and I don’t think it’s as good, however, I do still like this one so I think I am going to let it stick around for a little bit longer. Verdict: Keep.

Day 99 – Colourpop Ooh La La – This one is the all pink palette from Colourpop and honestly, I am a really big fan of this one. I think this one makes a lot of sense together while also being really interesting, plus I think pink eyeshadow isn’t something you see a whole lot. Verdict: Keep.

Day 100 – Too Faced Sugar Cookie – This was such a fantastic little palette and it’s so cute. I will say that you can’t create a ton of different looks with this one but it is a really great travel palette, it’s small and sturdy, plus it’ll give you some options for some really great and fairly neutral looks. Verdict: Keep.

Day 101 – Anastasia Soft Glam – Is one that I believe I anti-hauled at one point, I just didn’t see myself using this a ton since it was so boring to me, however I have come to own it and I actually really like it. This gives such a nice neutral look and it’s so easy to work with like all other Anastasia shadows. Verdict: Keep.

Day 102 – Kat Von D Pastel Goth – I had wanted this palette for a while so when I came across it I had to snatch it up. I had heard pretty much only good things about this one and the shades are just so pretty that I had to try it. I must admit that I am a little bit disappointed in this one, it’s just not as pigmented as I would have liked, however I am still going to give it a pass this time around to really give it a proper shot. Verdict: Keep.

Day 103 – Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet – This one is a smaller palette and I actually really like how this look turned out, overall I think this one is fine and I will continue to use it. Verdict: Keep.

Day 104 – Urban Decay Naked 3 – I always wanted to own a naked palette, it felt like everyone and their dog had one and I finally got one late in the game. I had heard some mixed things about the naked 3 but I liked the look of it so much that I knew I just had to give it a shot. I actually really like this one and love the look that I created, I love these rosey shades of neutrals. Verdict: Keep.

Day 105 – Morphe 35B – I loved the look that I did with this palette however the formula of these shadows aren’t my favorite and I find that I can create these looks within other palettes I have, so I am finally passing one along this time around. Verdict: Pass.

Day 106 – Lime Crime Venus 2 – I wanted to love this one but I don’t, I just can’t make sense of the color story and have the hardest time coming up with a cohesive look. The quality of these shadows are really great and if you think you would like the shades I would say go for it, it’s just not for me. Verdict: Pass.

Day 107 – Lorac Mega Pro – When I found out that they had re-released this one I knew that I had to get my grubby little hands on it and honestly, I’m not sure I should have lusted after this one so bad. The shadows are fairly good like most Lorac shadows, however, I just wasn’t feeling super inspired by this one. Verdict: Keep.

Day 108 – Too Faced Gingerbread Spice – I love this palette, I think the color range is great and I think the outward design is really fun. I love the look that I did use this palette as well. Verdict: Keep.

Day 109 – Strobe Cosmetics – This is hands down the best pastel palette that I have ever tried, I haven’t tried a ton but this one is fantastic. These shadows are super pigmented and blend really nicely, it’s a fantastic formula. So it’s safe to say this one is staying. Verdict: Keep.

Day 110 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty – I like this one alright, I think it’s a nice palette but the color story just isn’t my favorite that I have ever used or seen. I like the look but I don’t feel like I need it in my collection. Verdict: Pass.

Day 111 – Makeup Revolution Emily Edit The Wants – I love this one more than I thought that I would and honestly, I thought I was going to like this a lot. I purchased this from either the second or third release and I really like it. I love the look that I created and I think this one has a fantastic range to it. Verdict: Keep.

Day 112 Anastasia Sultry – This is one that I put in an anti-haul but for some reason I purchased it and guess what? I did not like it. I should have stuck with my first instinct but I did not and here I am. This isn’t bad it’s just really boring and I already have these shades in my collection. Verdict: Pass.

Day 113 – Anastasia Prism – This one I just don’t like, I don’t think the colors make sense together and I just didn’t like the formula in the slightest bit. Verdict: Pass.

Day 114 – Lime Crime Fresh Squeezed – I am on the fence about this one, I think these are super pigmented and soft, however I am not sure that I can get a good full look out of this palette alone, so I may pass this one along but I’m not sure. Verdict: Keep.

Day 115 – Bad Habit Pretty Poison – I like this palette and think that it’s a really fun purple palette, I like this look that I create though I am not sure if it is as pigmented as I would have liked. I’ll keep this one around for one more go. Verdict: Keep.

Day 116 – Face Candy Atlantis – This is a really fun blue palette and I actually think it’s really good, it has a good mix of shades and finishes along with a nice formula. I like the look that I created and I’m happy with the outcome. Verdict: Keep.

Day 117 – Laura Lee Party Animal – I am not sure how I got my hands on this one but I did. I thought this was fun looking one however it is a tough one to use with just the shadows in this palette. I found that these weren’t as pigmented as I may have liked and they blend together and get kind of muddy, so not my favorite shadows at all. Verdict: Pass.

Day 118 – Urban Decay Electric – This is one of my all-time favorite palettes, it’s pretty fantastic and I love the mix of shades. I also adore the look of this one and am so sad that they don’t make this anymore, it was a great one for sure. But yes, I am very happy with this one. Verdict: Keep.

I did not do as well with getting rid of things this month but I’m okay with that, I apparently saved the best for last and I have still gotten rid of a fairly good amount of palettes throughout this entire process, so that has left me very satisfied with this project.

What are some of your favorite eyeshadow palettes?


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