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Review: Lush Cosmetics Lucky Cat Bath Bomb

I think by now it is probably pretty clear that I like to rest and relax on Sundays, it is my only full day off of the week after all, so of course, that means that I will be talking about a bath bomb today. Let’s slip into the tub and find out what I think of this one right here.

This is the Lucky Cat bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics and will run you $5.95.This one is about 3.5oz of bath bomb and is a pretty standard size, even if the shape isn’t.

This one is vegan and features some really fantastic ingredients such as jasmine absolute, neroli oil and ylang-ylang oil. Because of this I expected this one to be floral and was hoping for something along the lines of my beloved Northern Lights Bath Bomb, but I don’t think this one is quite like that one.

This one was not what I expected in terms of scent, this one is floral but does not smell like my beloved Northern Lights. Instead this one has a bit more sweetness than I expected, it’s not overly floral either and I kind of enjoyed that about it. It was floral and sweet without being too much. I will say that the scent wasn’t as potent as I might have liked and it didn’t linger very long on the skin or in the tub, but it was still a nice soft scent.

Now let’s talk about the appearance since I am shaking things up. I  love the appearance of this bath bomb dry, it’s super adorable and looks exactly like I would expect it to look. It’s a pink, somewhat shimmery cat, what isn’t to love about this one?

Once it hits the water it starts to fizz out and shows swirls of pink and orange, it’s simple but actually really pretty in the tub. It left the water a really nice orange shade that feels pretty standard and I saw no glitter in the water, so all the shimmer on the outside was just that.

Overall I liked this bath bomb, I think it’s super adorable and it smells nice, however, this one isn’t one of my favorites that I have tried. The scent is fine but it’s not very strong and isn’t around for very long, it feels nice in the water but nothing out there. This one feels like a pretty average bath bomb, which there is nothing wrong with, it’s just nothing super exciting if you ask me.

What is your favorite bath bomb from Lush?


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