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Review: Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Hello there, today is my birthday and that is why I decided to do this post today, Sapphire is my birthstone so I couldn’t think of a better time to review this palette then today.  If you have seen my recent 100 days of eyeshadow update then you probably know a little bit about my feelings on this palette, but I thought I would be more thorough with it and give it a proper review, so let’s see how that goes.

This one is all about the Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions Palette, this one comes with nine different shades in various finishes and will run you $27.00.

As you might guess this is a nearly single color family kind of palette, this is filled with various shades of blue, one shade of green and one silver grey kind of shade. I think that the color story makes a lot of sense together and look really cohesive. I like the layout of the colors and I like that this is a small and compact palette, it doesn’t waste space and that is always a plus in my book.

Let’s take a second to talk about the outer appearance of this one, this one is rather small but is thick. This one feels really sturdy, it does still feel like it’s made out of cardboard like most palettes do but this one feels tough and like it won’t break easily, which is always a good thing. The look of it is simple but matches the themeing really well, so overall this has some good packaging that I do enjoy.

I was pretty excited to try out this palette when I swatched it, there are a few that look a little iffy, all of the mattes, but I was still excited to give them a chance. The mattes in this palette are really lacking, they just don’t seem to be very pigmented at all and don’t really build up color well. They were a huge letdown seeing as I have tried other Huda brand eyeshadows and the mattes aren’t that bad. The shimmers in this palette are actually fantastic, I find that they do have a lot of fallout but they are really pigmented. The shimmers are a little bit hard to blend out but they can be worked with. My biggest problem is that the mattes aren’t great and I don’t really love and all shimmer eyeshadow look.

These are the looks that I came up with using this palette and honestly, they aren’t my best, they aren’t terrible by any means but not great either. I just wasn’t impressed with this formula in this palette, it wasn’t exciting and sitting down to make up looks I realized that the color story might not be my favorite either.

You might be wondering why I decluttered this at this point, I didn’t give it the worst review but this one is not my favorite by any means either. It was just difficult to work with and didn’t live up to what I expected from it, so this is one that I would personally pass on.


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