2019 · Wishlist

2019 Birthday Wishlist

If you didn’t know it is my birthday month, in fact my birthday is this Saturday and I don’t have anything too exciting planned for it but I am excited nonetheless, especially since I will have a four day weekend. But anyway, I love these kinds of wishlist posts so I thought others might enjoy reading them as well. Today I will be sharing a short wishlist for my birthday.

Keds x Kate Spade Champion Dancing Dot – I do have a pair of polka-dotted slip-on shoes that kind of remind me of these but the dots are bigger and they are slip-on shoes, so these are different. I just love the look of these, they are rather simple but also interesting and fun.

Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis – This might be one of the more ridiculous things I have asked for but this smells amazing and I would love to own a bottle for myself so I can smell it anytime.

Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Face Mask – I own a bunch of the other Bliss face masks and I like them, I like the brand in general pretty much, so on the list, this one goes. Plus, it’s pumpkin which is very fall and it’s practically fall at this point, which means it’s a perfect time to put this on a wishlist.

Barnes & Noble Tales of Norse Mythology – If you didn’t know I love all things fairytale, mythology, and lore, I find it really interesting and I also love these leather-bound books because they are always stunning, hence why this one is here.

Rainbow Striped Knit Open Cardigan – This is the style that I want to wear sometimes but never really have enough courage to do, however, I think this cardigan would be a great way to incorporate that pastel style into my regular wardrobe.

Night Owl You’re My Family Collection – I love Bob’s Burgers, it’s my favorite show or at least one of my favorites. I also love nail polish and have been getting into trying out more indie brands, so this one is right up my alley.

Old Navy Open Front Long Cardigan I adore the color of this and I saw it in-store the other day and it is so soft, I will end up with this in my collection of clothing at some point, it might not be for my birthday.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Eye Sleeping Mask I have been really interested in all of the eye-related products as of recently so when this came out I knew that  I wanted to try it. I love moisturizing things under my eyes because I have been getting really dry skin as of recently in that area and it drives me insane.

I wanted to keep it short this year because honestly, there isn’t a whole lot that I am lusting after. These are all things that I am genuinely interested in and that is what I wanted to share.

What’s on your current wishlist?


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