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Try It Tuesday: BeautyBarBaby

It is time for me to talk about a really fun find that I found on Etsy, this month is all about the eyeshadow and I am excited to share that with you guys. This month is about BeautBarBaby that I found over on Etsy, of course, I’m very excited about it because this palette looks stunning. So let’s not waste anymore time and jump in to see how this one ended up in my opinion.

I will be talking about the Unicorn and Rainbows palette from BeautyBarBaby, this one comes with twelve different shades of shadow, all of which are shimmer, and will retail you $49.95.

As per usual I am going to talk a little bit about the packaging and may I just say that this has some of the cutest design to it that I have ever seen. It’s almost giving my cavities it’s so sweet and adorable.

I think it feels really sturdy and like it won’t just fall apart, which is always nice, especially since you can pop out these shadows and rotate them with other single shadows that you have in your collection. I must warn you that these are those oversized pans and not your typical round pans, still, this palette is really customizable. Anyway, I think the themeing of this palette is really spot on, it’s very cute and that theme goes throughout the whole palette. The inside is polka-dotted with hearts and it has a unicorn head-shaped mirror that I think is adorable, though functionally a little bit hard to use.

I think the inside is very simple but still very cute, the color layout might not be my ideal layout but that is the good thing about this one, the colors are removable and you can move them around as you please to make more sense of them. A really fantastic idea for someone who likes things sorted in particular ways, though not a necessity at all though.

Now, for my biggest problem with this palette, all of the shades are shimmery and there are no mattes. While I am impressed with these shimmers I would have loved so mattes in this one to really round it out, now with that said I can switch out a couple or I can use another palette with this, but for anyone who is looking for a one stop shop this one may not be the best for that. Unless you like fully shimmery looks, but I know most people do not. So it is best to keep that in mind.

Let’s go over each one a little bit, starting with Puffy Sticker which is a really pretty almost periwinkle kind of blue. My Lil Unicorn is a baby pink shade. Sunny Side Up is a bright yellow shade. Ramen Noodles is a frosty champagne kind of color. Grape Donut is a frost grape shade. Narwhal is a kind of shimmery ocean blue kind of shade. Caterpiller is a bright spring kind of green. Watercolor Pony is a frosty light lilac shade. Flicker is a really bright red shade. Taco Kitty is a gold and kind of bronzey kind of shade. Goldfish is a bright orange shade, which sounds strange but actually makes a lot of sense. Majestic AF is a shimmer shade that is somewhere between purple and pink.

 Now to talk about the important stuff, the formula and how this went. I think these shadows are impressively pigmented, seriously the color pay off and shimmer takes very little effort, these almost go on as pigmented as the finger swatches and I think that is really impressive. These do all seem to work really well together in the sense that they blend really nicely together and with very little effort. Overall, I think the formula of these shadows is really solid.

So, as a whole this is some of the best Etsy makeup that I have ever tried, this is also just a really great eyeshadow formula in general and I am excited to try more out from this brand so you might be seeing more from this shop in the future.

Have you ever tried makeup from Etsy?


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