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100 Days of Eyeshadow Update #3

It is time for my third update on this fun little project that I am surprised that I have stuck with for so long, I am happy that I have stuck with it. I know that I will for sure be going over one hundred days but I’m alright with that because it means I will have gone through basically all of my palettes. This one is going to be a long one, so grab a drink, snack and settle in.

Day 63 – e.l.f. 18 Hit Wonders – I went warm-toned with this one and I really love how this eye look turned out, is fairly simple but I think it looks really nice and I had a very easy time working with it. Verdict: Keep.

Day 64 – Colourpop Main Squeeze – This is what I am assuming to be the red monochrome palette from Colourpop and I really like it, especially the theming which I think is fantastic. This isn’t my favorite eyeshadow look but I do quite like it. Verdict: Keep.

Day 65 – Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions – This was the first of the gemstones that I ever bought and I love this one, I think it is the best obsessions palette that I own. I loved this look and I love this palette, it’s just really easy to work with and the whole thing goes together and just makes sense. Verdict: Keep.

Day 66 – Colourpop Blue Moon – This is another one of their single color palettes that I actually really like, I think this is one of the better ones that I have tried and am really happy with how this blue eyeshadow look came out. Verdict: Keep.

Day 67 – Give Me Glow Juicy Olive – This is a really interesting palette in my collection I think, it has a lot of colors that are missing from my collection and I love it for that reason. I am really happy with how this look has turned out, it’s a bit dark but I think this is a palette that I can work out a bunch of different looks within this color family. Verdict: Keep.

Day 68 – Pur Let The Good Times Roll – I think this is a really nice little palette, it would be fantastic for travel because it  is so compact and it’s really neutral so it creates a really nice and simple eye. Verdict: Keep.

Day 69 – Wet ‘N Wild Stop Playing Safe – Is one where I really like the look that I came up with but I am a little bit on the fence about the palette itself, I’m just not sure about the colors together, however I am going to keep this one around for a little while longer. Verdict: Keep.

Day 70 – Too Faced Chocolate Gold – This is the first one that I am actually disappointed in, I was expecting great things out of the one because it seems like everyone loves this one, however, I did not. I didn’t find the shadows in this one to be pigmented and they just didn’t look great as a whole. Verdict: Pass.

Day 71 – Milani Pure Passion – This is one that I didn’t like the formula on, they are pigmented and the shade range is nice but I had a lot of trouble blending these out and getting the look that I wanted with this palette. Verdict: Pass.

Day 72 – Maybelline Lemonade Craze – I am not excited about how this look ended up, it’s just not exciting and not really pigmented at all. I know that this is a more natural looking palette but this one just didn’t wow me at all. Verdict: Pass.

Day 73 – Colourpop Lit – Was one that I just had to have when I saw swatches of it, however, upon using it I was not impressed. This has some of the worst Colourpop formula if you ask me. Verdict: Pass.

Day 74 – Viseart Petite Pro 5 Soleil – I think that this little palette is adorable and I thought it was a great way yo try out Viseart shadows, and either I am wrong or they weren’t as exciting as I expected them to be. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are pretty pigmented I just didn’t love this palette because the color range wasn’t my favorite and I found that they didn’t blend as well as I would have liked. Verdict: Pass.

Day 75 – Pinky Rose Bright Lights – This one was shockingly pigmented, like I had expected for it to be but not quite as pigmented as this one is. I am mildly happy with this one, the mattes blended like a dream but the shimmers not so much, I do think this one deserves a second chance though. Verdict: Keep.

Day 76 – Anastasia Norvina – This is such a pretty palette and make me wonder what has taken me so long to finally try this one out, the color story is stunning and it works so well together, it’s just left me with a fantastic look. Verdict: Keep.

Day 77 – Anastasia Riviera – This palette is seriously so fun, I love this more than I thought that I would and every time I take a dip into it I enjoy it. I have not played around with this palette nearly enough but I am happy with the results this time around for sure. Verdict: Keep.

Day 78 – Custom Palette – I almost think I shouldn’t have included this one but I did include this, this is one of those build your own kind of palettes. I think the formula of these eyeshadows are actually really nice and I am overall happy with how it turned out. Verdict: Keep.

Day 79 – Maybelline Soda Pop – I like this one a lot more than the Lemonade Craze, I think the colors are more pigmented and I think this one is way more fun than that one in terms of color stories. I am really happy with how this sunset like eye came out. Verdict: Keep.

Day 80 – Huda Sapphire – This one was a disappointment to me, I thought this one was going to be stunning and one of my favorites but it just let me down. The lighter shades in this palette are not pigmented at all and it puts a real damper on the whole thing. I will be reviewing this properly a little later this month but for now I must say. Verdict: Pass.

Day 81 – Makeup Revolution Tropical Carnival – This has a super fun color theme to it and it’s very bright, perfect for the warmer summer months. I am really pleased with how this look turned out and the quality of these shadows, they are really pigmented and blend fairly easily. Verdict: Keep.

Day 82 – Juvia’s Place The Tribe – I haven’t liked Juvia’s Place in the past but for some reason, I picked up a few palettes during a recent sale and this was on of them. I am actually really happy with this palette, the color story is nice and it left me with a really nice look that I enjoy. Verdict: Keep.

Day 83 – Pur Visionary – I am looking at this eyeshadow look now and am question my decision on this one because this look is so boring and kind of looks sad. I had wanted this palette so badly when I got it because it looked beautiful swatched, which it still does, but now that I’m looking at this I might want to pass this one along, then again I did think that I wanted to give it one more round so maybe I’m missing something. I don’t know. Verdict: Keep.

Day 84 – Lorac Unzipped – Another one that I loved when I got it but now that I have dug it out from the depths of my collection I am not impressed. I think the mattes are really nice but the shimmers are very lackluster, which for me is a pretty typical problem with Lorac shadows. I’m just not satisfied with this one. Verdict: Pass.

Day 85 – Bad Habit Fantastia Palette – I completely picked this one up because it is a dupe for one of the Natasha Denona palettes and it turns out that I actually really hate the color story of this one and how this look turned out. I wasn’t impressed by this palette in the slightest bit. Verdict: Pass.

Day 86 – Bad Habit Luna – I am a little bit on the fence about this one, this one is a really pretty one and is a dupe for the Norvina palette. I think this one produced a really nice look but I also am not sold on owning both so far now this one will stay. Verdict: Keep.

Day 87 – Lorac Pro 3 – This one is really fantastic for creating a really natural look and nothing too over the top, it’s nothing amazing but it’s not bad either. Verdict: Keep.

Day 88 – Lime Crime Venus 3 – This might be the only venus palette that I actually like, well this one and one of the small ones. I’m not sure what it is but I don’t typically like them, however, this one has got a really nice color range to it and it really looks good on the eye. Verdict: Keep.

Day 89 – Colourpop Just My Luck – I really love these single color palettes and this one is no exception, I think this has the range to create something really wearable but also something really dramatic which is something that I enjoy from time to time. Verdict: Keep.

Day 90 – Too Faced Pretty Rich – I think it is so interesting and fantastic that this one has glitter shades mixed in with it, I haven’t used them yet because I haven’t been in the mood to deal with glitter, however I must say that I do really enjoy the rest of this palette. I am super happy with how this look turned out and the quality of these shadows. Verdict: Keep.

Day 91 – Bad Habit Cult Mythos – This is way better than I expected but this was a little bit more of an expensive one from Bad Habit. The quality of these shadows are fantastic and I am happy with it overall, it blended like a dream and left my with a really nice look. Verdict: Keep.

Day 92 – Juvia’s Place The Zulu – This was another surprise, I think I may have even owned this one at one point but the time around I was really impressed with this palette and think it’s a fun one. This created a really fun and colorful look that came together really well. Verdict: Keep.

Day 93 – NYX Off Tropic Palette – I hate how this turned out, this colors are so muddy together and I’m not sure why but I do know that I think this looks actually terrible and I am not a fan of this one. Verdict: Pass.

I do not think that I was as cutthroat this time around, either that or the palettes that I picked out this month were better than the last. Out of thirty one palettes I have decided to keep 22 and get rid of 9. A pretty decent amount but not my best month so far, I am happy with the progress but I do wish that I had decluttered just a few more. I have a little bit more to go so there will be one more post before I start my next round with this.

Have you done a declutter recently?


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