August 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I don’t know what has happened to me over the past few months but I have fallen back in love with nail polish hard and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, which is good because I own too much nail polish like most other things. Anyway, this one is all about the nail looks that I wore during the month of August, I’ve got six so let’s dive in.

First up is two polishes because I am still on that kick and you will be seeing a lot of it. The purple creme is from I Scream Nails and is in the shade Blackberry Mousse. The shimmer is from China Glaze and is in the shade Ah Ah Ahmazing. I think these two look really fantastic together and I loved wearing both of them.

Up next we have China Glaze Beak on Fleek with I Scream Nails Zest is Best overtop, then on the other nails I have a China Glaze polish in the shade Ernie Your Stripes. I hated Beak on Fleek, I just felt like no matter what I did it wouldn’t go on nicely, it ended up looking terrible and I put glitter over top of it because it hides how awful it looks pretty well. I loved Ernie Your Stripes though, it’s a super pretty and interesting orange shade that isn’t too much. I also love the glitter, unsurprisingly.

These two I am wearing here are basically the same color just one with glitter and one without, though in real life the one with glitter is a tiny bit darker. The crem shade here is China Glaze’s Fur Real and the glitter is from Glam Polish in the shade Lots’O Hugging Bear. I adore the Glam Polish formula and the look of it, it’s really fun and interesting glitter and very bold. I liked the China Glaze polish though it is on the sheerer side of things, not that being sheer is a bad thing always. Overall I am happy with how these two look together.

We have another duo to share now, the lighter shade is from Glam Polish and is called Fairytales Can Come True and the darker shade is Trash Can Do Attitude from China Glaze. I loved how these two looked together, I think they went together really well without being too similar. And once again I really loved the Glam Polish formula, so far from what I have tried I would say that they do really great glitter cremes, I don’t know the proper term but that’s what I am going with.

This next one might be my favorite duo that I wore this month, I don’t know what it is entirely but I just love the look of it. The glitter shade is from Glam Polish and is called Vitamin Sea, the creme is from Cirque Colors and is in the shade High Roller. I just love the way that these two look together and by themselves even. I’m also really happy with the formula of both of these polishes, they both did a really fantastic job and went on like a dream. Overall a great duo I think.

I think this one is so simple but I really enjoy the look of them, they are also the nails I am currently rocking as I am writing this post, I am doing this far enough in advance that I might shove one more duo of polishes in. We’ll see. Anyway, both of these are from the new I Scream Nails Ice Cream collection. The blue is in the shade Whipped and the pink is Sherbet Day, the perfect cotton candy kind of duo. Because of that, I can see myself wearing these two together again for sure.

And those are my nail looks for the month of August, as you can probably already tell I have been way too into wearing two or three polishes at once instead of three, I just still really like the look of it. I also am trying to use all of my polishes to see what I like and don’t like so wearing more than one at a time is really helping me out.

What is your favorite indie nail polish brand?


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