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August 2019 Empties

I started this month doing really well in terms of empties but I didn’t beat my total last month, which is alright, it’s not that big of a deal because I did still use up a pretty good amount of product. I did use up a total of fifteen products this month and I am happy with that, so let’s not waste any more time and get to talking about them.

Hair Food Manuka Honey & Apricot Shampoo & Conditioner – I think at this point it’s pretty clear that a bottle of shampoo and conditioner will last me about a month, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what. Anyway, these smelled amazing and I loved that they had a pump, however, they didn’t do anything particularly amazing for my hair. Repurchase: Probably not, they weren’t bad just nothing out of this world.

Lush American Cream Shower Gel – I’ve had this for a little while and I loved it, this stuff smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling like strawberries and vanilla, which for me is a huge plus. I also think that this shower gel was more moisturizing than a lot of other ones that I have tried which is another bonus. Repurchase: I think I would, but I’m trying to work my way through some shower products first.

Bath & Bodyworks More Summer Please Foaming Hand Soap – This has one of my favorite scents from bath & Bodyworks and that is the watermelon lemonade scent, so this one was a big hit for me. Repurchase: Yes, I seriously would purchase this any day.

Clean Reserve Solar Bloom – I enjoyed the smell of this, it’s not my all-time favorite scent but it is one that I like and enjoyed using. It has a soft scent to it that smells a little floral and a little coconutty, it was nice and great for the summer season. Repurchase: Probably not, I liked it but not that much.

Ulta Mask Cloths – I think that these are both a great idea and a terrible idea, which is probably why they don’t appear to sell these anymore. These are little cloths that you throw in the water and they expand for a single mask removal, which is great because it means you don’t dirty washcloths removing a mask, however, it’s super wasteful. Repurchase: I think I would for emergency use, but they no longer the sell these so it doesn’t much matter.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser – Is an all-time favorite of mine and I think it is really fantastic, it does a great job at removing all of the makeup from my face while also being really gentle. Repurchase: I am trying to buy more cruelty-free products, even if I am doing a not so great job at it, so while I love this stuff I don’t think I would pick it up again.

Ariana Grande Ari Perfume Mini – I really enjoyed this scent, it’s not my favorite of the ones that I have tried so far from the mini set I purchased but I did enjoy this one, it’s got a nice sweetness to it without being too much. Repurchase: I might.

Physcians Formula Detox Cleansing Stick – I was kind of expecting this one to be like the Tarte Frixxxtion stick but it is not, there is no grit to it and that is kind of disappointing though I am not completely sure why I thought it would be like that. I still liked this and felt like it left my skin feeling nice and clean, it just wasn’t what I had wanted it to be. Repurchase: Probably will at some point.

Benefit Roller Lash – Has been a favorite of mine for a little while now but this was finally starting to not perform well and I was running out, so it was it’s time to go. This does a great job at holding a curl in my lashes and keeping them fairly separated without being too wet, which is exactly what I like in a mascara. Repurchase: I will at some point but for now I have too many mascaras to go through.

Brite Chocolate Chip Hair Mask – These are my favorite brand of hair mask and I was so excited when they released the ice cream range that I got them all because I have no self-control, however, I did not like this one. I liked what it did for my hair but the smell of it was awful, it smelled like really artificial chocolate and I hated it. Repurchase: No.

Skin Fix Candy Cane Lip Balm – Is one of my all time favorite lip balms and if you have been here for a minute then you know that I am so sad that it comes in a set. This smells great and leaves my lips feeling super soft. Repurchase: Yes, I would.

Ulta Avocado & Kale Face Mask – I liked this one, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything amazing either, it was just kind of middle of the road for me. It did leave my face feeling a little bit tingly and I’m still not sure that was normal. Repurchase: Probably not.

Laneige Sleeping Mask – Is not one that I love because of the scent, I think that the scent was just too strong in this one for me that I didn’t actually full use it up. Repurchase: No, I would not.

Freeman Melting Sugar Lemon Meringue Face Mask – I enjoyed this one, I thought it smelled fantastic and felt really nice on the face, though I didn’t notice any huge changes in my skin while using this. Repurchase: Maybe.

And those are all of my used up products from August, I think I did pretty well and there are some products that aren’t surprising at all I am sure. I am working towards using my face masks more because that is why I bought them, was to use and enjoy them. I’m trying to better myself with my hoarder tendencies so I am hoping that my empties will be pretty good from now on, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you used up anything fun this month?


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