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Revisit: Urban Decay Electric Eyeshadow Palette

I am revisiting a product that you can’t get your hands on anymore, which does happen from time to time when I sit down to write these. I do debate whether or not I should shade these but usually, I do, just in case anyone has forgotten that they own this and they can wipe the dust off. Let’s just dive into these bright and colorful shades.

This is the Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette, it has been discontinued but when it was brand new it cost $49.00, you can’t purchase this from a retailer anymore.

This palette comes with ten different shades and all of them are pressed pigments, the color range is pretty decent and I think the mix of mattes and shimmers is really nice, especially for a pressed pigment palette like this one.

The shades this palette comes with are the shades Revolt which is a shimmery silver shade that is on the lighter side of pigmentation. Gonzo is a matte bright sky blue that I think is stunning, it is easily one of my favorite shades. Slowburn is a neon orange-red kind of shade that is super fun and technically not eye-safe. Savage is another one that isn’t eye-safe, this one is bright neon pink and it’s super fun. Fringe is a shimmery blue shade that is more middle of the road to slightly darker blue. Chaos is a matte bright blue shade that I also really love. Jilted is a shimmer and is another non eye-safe color. This one is a pretty purple that leans a little bit on the pink side of things. Urban is a really pretty matte darker kind of grape purple. Freak is probably my favorite shade of the bunch, it’s shimmery and the shade of green is so pretty. Thrash is the last shade and is matte and a very nice neon lime kind of shade.

Now, let’s talk about the formula of these shadows, something that I still really like. These are all fairly pigmented, the only one that is kind of lacking is revolt, but it can be built up pretty easily. I think everything else is really pigmented in this palette and they are really easy to work with, I think they blend out really well and am overall happy with the application. I will add that I have had some slight staining with a few of the shades but nothing major, I found that it faded after a day or so.

I do like this palette still, I’m kind of sad that they don’t sell this anymore because I can’t suggest picking it up, though if you somehow come across it and are into bright colors I would for sure snatch this one up.

What’s your favorite bright color palette?


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