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Review: Giant Fruity Bombshell Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics

This is my very first time ever trying one of the giant bath bombs from Lush, I have seen them before but never purchased one because it just didn’t seem like something that I needed to try. This one was. I did debate what to do with this one, if I wanted to use each half separately or together and I ended up settling on doing it together for the sake of the review. That and I already have a bunch of other bath products that I really need to use up. So, let’s talk about this giant bath bomb.

This big bath bomb is the Giant Fruity Bombshell Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics, this one is huge and a serious one, which you may not be able to tell in the photo. This one will run you $12.95, weighs in at around 11.4oz and is vegan like most Lush products.

Some great ingredients that this one includes dried lemon, lime and orange slices. It also includes Lime oil, Sicilian lemon oil, cassia oil, and bergamot oil.

This bath bomb is huge and inside it contains a hidden secret that isn’t so secret anymore, dried citrus slices. I don’t mind them floating around as much as I do little flowers and bits of seaweed that creep me out.

This bath bomb is fairly simple in terms of appearance, it is half yellow and half orange, so once they both dissolve away into the water it leaves you with a beautiful shade of bright orange water. There aren’t many surprises to this one other than the fruit it contains.

I am not sure if this felt so super moisturizing and luxurious because of how big it is compared to the size of my bathtub, but either way, this one felt fantastic in the water. It was so moisturizing and soft, I just loved it.

I almost forgot about the scent of this completely, this scent is very citrusy which probably isn’t surprising seeing as it had citrusy fruit on the inside. This is a really sharp and crisp kind of citrus scent, there isn’t much sweetness to it, it’s really bright and would be fantastic for a morning bath to wake a person up.

I really loved this bath bomb and wish that they would make this is a smaller size because while the giant size was fun, it’s expensive and kind of wasteful, then again I guess I could just use each half instead of the whole thing. Maybe I will be picking up another one of these.

What are some of your favorite scents?


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