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Review: Colourpop Orange You Glad

I am actually really excited for today’s review, I already can tell I love this one, which is a bit of spoiler. I do really love these little single color focused palettes that Colourpop keeps releasing, I think they are fun and make a lot of sense together. Let’s not waste any more time and instead let’s get into talking about this orange little cutie.

Today is all about this little palette right here, this is the Orange You Glad? Eyeshadow Palette from Colourpop Cosmetics. This one will run you $12.00 and comes with nine different shades in various finishes, like all of the other single color story palettes are. I like that they mix up the finishes but still make it so that the colors make sense together and aren’t more of the same over and over.

To start this review off I am going to talk about the packaging for a minute, which is the way that I like to start all of my reviews out. I think this one is really cute, I like the shade of orange that they used and I liked how they used the shape of an orange for the ‘O’ and the slice for the ‘D’, they are subtle touches but still really cute and something I am a big fan of. This is made out of the same kind of plastic as the rest of the palettes that look like this, it’s fairly sturdy but also has a kind of cheap feel to it, which isn’t my favorite but while it feels cheap it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart, if that makes any sense.

Let’s talk about the shades and the formula, starting at the top left with the shade Zested which is a light matte orange shade, it leans a little bit peachy and I think it’s a great start to this palette, almost a transition shade if you will. Squeeze Me looks a lot like the shimmery and slightly darker sister to zested, it’s a fairly light orange with a good amount of shimmer to it. Creamsicle is next and this one is also matte, this is what think of when I think of orange, so to me this is a very true orange shade. Rise ‘N Grind is a pressed pigment, it is matte and is a very bright orange-red kind of shade that I enjoy the look of.

Clementine is another pressed pigment, though I think this is more like a pressed glitter. I think this is super pretty and a fun addition to this palette. Sunkiss’d is also a pressed pigment, this one is really bright orange that looks more like an orange skin than I realized and I like that. Tangerine Dreams is a shimmer but it is a very light shimmer, it’s not too in your face but is still shimmery. Mimosa Mami is a pressed pigment and is a bright almost coral shade, but not too far on the pink side so it doesn’t make sense with the rest of the shades. You Peel Me? is the last shade in this palette and is the darkest matte shade in the whole thing, this one is a deep rust shade that this palette really needs. While I don’t love black eyeshadow I think that all palettes need at least one or two darker shades, which this one has.

These are the looks that I came up with using this palette and I love them all, I think that this is one of the best single color palettes because I found it so versatile and easy to come up with different looks. I really love how this palette performed, the mattes are super soft and pretty while being really easy to blend out and blend together nicely. I think the shimmers are nice, though I would have liked a couple more. I also really love the addition of glitter, it’s interesting and makes for an easy application, plus I think this glitter lasts really nicely on the lids.

Overall, I really like this palette and can see this one becoming one of my favorites to reach for when I am looking for something bright or orange, it’s just perfect.

What is your favorite Colourpop palette?


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