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First Impression Friday: Pop Sugar Beauty Lip Gloss

I have had this for a little while but haven’t really tried it out or anything like that, so I am taking the opportunity today to test this product out. This is the Be The Boss Lip Gloss from Beauty by Popsugar, a brand that I haven’t actually heard much about but has been around for a minute now, so let’s just dive in and see how this lip gloss wear goes.

The focus for today is on the Beauty by Popsugar Be The Boss Lip Gloss in the shade Time After Time. This lip gloss will run you $18.00 and comes with 0.3 oz of product, which comes out to around $60.00 per ounce of product, which doesn’t sound too bad in terms of price.

Let’s start this review out the way that I like to start pretty much all reviews out and that is by talking about the packaging of this product.

I like the packaging, it’s really clean and simple while still having a slight design to it, which I like. I like the white top and I like that it just looks very straightforward.

This packaging does look like it is going to be a squeeze tube lip gloss but it is not, it has a wand and I think I prefer this method over most other methods of application. This makes it so it is easier to get every last drop out but also makes for a much more precise application. So, in terms of packaging, I am a fan and do really like this one.

Now let’s talk about the formula, I actually really like this formula. I think this gives a really nice shine to the lips without being too sticky, I also think this moisturizes my lips the tiniest bit. It’s a really fantastic formula and has pretty decent lasting power, it also smells delightful, like creamy vanilla which is a lip gloss scent that I love for sure. This shade is also stunning, it’s such a pretty my lips but slightly pinker kind of shade for me and I love that about it.

As far as first impressions go I really like this lip gloss and can see myself wearing it a ton, it’s a really pretty shade and has a pretty great formula.

What is your favorite lip gloss?


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