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Review: Turmeric Latte Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics

I am taking a lot of baths these days, I am pretty sure it’s because of months ago when Lush released so many new bath bombs, I have been trying to make my way through them and it has taken more time than I thought it would. Enough about that, let’s slip-on into the tub and talk about this bath bomb.

Today is all about this simple but warm bath bomb, this is the Turmeric Latte bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. This one will run you $7.95 and is vegan, as you probably would guess by now.

This one features lots of great ingredients such as gardenia extract, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute, milk powder, and turmeric powder. So, this one sounds like it’s going to be spicy and sweet.

Let’s talk about the scent of this one, I think this one is really nice and smells a lot like fall to me. The cooler weather will be here before I know it, but for now it is not. I do think this bath bomb will be perfect for the cooler months as the smell is very spicy and comforting, with a bit of sweetness and creamy to it. It’s really a fantastic bath bomb that makes me feel really warm with just the scent alone. This one kind of reminds me of a latte without that whole coffee part, which I like.

Let’s talk about the appearance of this one, it’s fairly simple but it’s still pretty cute to look at. This one does remind me of the Yog Nog bath bomb from Christmas’s past, at least in the coloring.

Once this is dropped in the water it is on the slower side of fizzers, which I like sometimes. This one full fizzes away and leaves the water looking this creamy kind of golden shade, which I do like because I do like the creamy look to the water. This one also has glitter, not as much as some other bath bombs but it still has a pretty decent amount to it.

I like this bath bomb, I think it smells great and is really warm, I think it feels nice in the water and does end up leaving the water a pretty shade, I can for sure see myself picking this up again before the year is over.

What is your favorite bath bomb?


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