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Try It Tuesday: TheLumenHouse

I am testing out some items from Etsy once more, something that I have done every month for a little while now and something that I am hoping to continue doing because I do enjoy it. This month I will be focused on earrings once again, I’m not sure what happened but I just couldn’t resist these and had to talk about them if I was going to buy them.

I recently purchased three pairs of earrings from the Etsy store TheLumenHouse because I recently saw these and just couldn’t live without them. I still have this weird obsession with earrings, I’m sure it’ll fade away eventually but for now, I am really interested in wearing all of the earrings and this shop really helped scratch that itch a little bit. So, let’s talk about some earrings.

The pair that inspired this little earring haul were these Geometric Earrings, these will run you $12.00 and are on the smaller side but are still very bold. I like these because they are on the smaller side, but I also like the clean and simple shape of them along with the bold colors. I am a big fan of these earrings and am happy to own these. I can’t fully vouch for the quality of these but they look well put together and like they won’t fall apart easily, though the plastic does feel kind of cheap, I also think that most plastic kind of has that feel.

The next pair are these pair of Wood Hoop Earrings, these one will run you $14.00 and are really quite adorable in a simple kind of way. These are made of walnut and are a fun little hoop, these are a really natural color that I love and they have tiny holes poked out around the entirety of the hoop. A very simple earring but something that is a bit more interesting than your typical hoop earring and I like that.

The last pair that I picked up were these Flower Earrings that I just love so much, they might be my favorite from this purchase. These ones will run you $14.00. These are also made of wood and I really love that, it’s just such an interesting little detail that I really enjoy, as strange as that may be. I also love the color of these, they are a color that I love a lot and they really remind me of fall, so I can see myself wearing these in the next few months. These are delicate and really interesting without being too much.

I am really happy that I purchased from this shop, these earrings are adorable and seem to be really well made, so I can for sure see myself purchasing more from this shop in the future or for gifts.

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?


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