Review: Colourpop Main Squeeze Palette

I was going to post this a couple of weeks ago when it was national watermelon day but I didn’t want to double post or pause my usual schedule, so instead, I planned it for today because I felt like it, if I’m being truthful. Som let’s get into it and talk about how this palette and I got along.

Today I will be reviewing the Main Squeeze Eyeshadow Palette from Colourpop. This one will run you $12.00 and comes with nine pans of eyeshadow in various finishes. While this is watermelon themed I think this is one of their monochromatic palettes though the design on the packaging itself doesn’t lead me to think that it is, so I think they are still missing a red palette but I do like this one still.

 I forgot to take swatches photos because I am a failure of a person, but I still want to take a moment to talk about each shadow, starting with Frose which a matte almost tangerine kind of shade. Juicy Fruit is a light peachy shimmer kind of shade. Home Slice is a pressed pigment that is a bright watermelon red kind of shade. Like It’s Hot is another pressed pigment and honestly swatches a lot like the last shade just a tinge more on the orange side of things.

Maraschino is a shimmer shade that is a kind of middle of the road red pink. Big Gulp is a matte bright kind of orange leaning red shade. Seed Money is an almost slightly brown leaning red tone matte.  Bay Watch is the last shimmer shade in this palette, it is the deepest of shades and is a pretty kind of darker red shade. Red Bottoms is the last matte shade and the darkest of all of the shades. This one is pretty much your typical burgundy.

Now let’s take a moment of this review to talk about the packaging, this is like all of the other 9 pan palettes from Colourpop, which I like. I like the way that they are laid out on the inside and I think it is very visually appealing, especially with the way that the names are printed on it. I love the outer packaging as well, it’s super well themed to what it is supposed to be, I think the little golden seeds are a really fantastic addition. While the packaging does feel a tiny bit cheap, it is still rather sturdy and I am overall a fan of it.

Now, let’s talk about the formula and versatility of this palette, these are the three looks that I have come up with. I know that this is a palette that is focused on one color but I don’t really think that this one has a great deal of versatility to it, not like some of the other ones, The shade range in this one isn’t the best and isn’t my favorite, however, I do like the formula. I think the mattes in this palette are a star, they are pigmented and soft while also being really easy to blend and not looking too chalky if you ask me. The shimmers in this palette are nice but they aren’t anything particularly special if you ask me.

So, overall I do like this palette and love the themeing of it, I’m just not so sure that this is the best nine pan palette that Colourpop has put out.

What are your thoughts on the single-colored palettes?


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