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Review: Lush Cosmetics Hi Ho Silver Bath Bomb

On this lovely Friday afternoon, I am taking a moment to sit down and relax, or at least look back on a time where I sat back and relaxed. Today I am reviewing another one of the new Lush bath bombs, but at this point, I’m not so sure that they are new. Either way, let’s settle in and talk about this cute little purple bath bomb.

This week I will be reviewing the Hi Ho Silver bath bomb from Lush, this one will run you $5.95 and is vegan. This one is one of the smaller bath bombs from the brand and does also contain a melt on the top of the bath bomb, which I think is nice.

This bath bomb features lots of great ingredients such as fair-trade cocoa butter, lime oil, olibanium oil, Brazillian orange oil, fair trade shea butter, and almond oil. A really great mix of ingredients and lots of moisturizing ones mixed in.

This one isn’t much to look at if you ask me, it’s not bad but it’s nothing exciting. It’s just a purple ball with a silver glittery bath melt on the top of it. When you drop it in the water it is pretty but nothing too exciting, this one fizzles out into various shades of purple and silver. The entire center of this one appears to be silver. So in the bath, this swirls together in shades of light purple, dark purple, and silver, it’s simple but really pretty.

I didn’t get a great photo of this one in the water when it finished fizzing, but this one left the water a really stunning medium to dark purple kind of shade that I really liked. This one was also chock full of glitter, like a shocking amount of glitter, so if you aren’t into being glittery after a bath you might want to skip out on this one because it is pretty serious. This was hands down the most glitter I have ever seen in any Lush bath bomb, even more than the gold equivalent of this one. It’s some pretty serious sparkle.

I mentioned this above but, this one is one of the smaller bath bombs that Lush sells coming in at 2.9oz of bath bomb, but I think this one really packs a punch for being so small.

I loved the scent of this one, it’s very bright and fresh, something that I think would make for a fantastic early morning bath to get you moving and going. This is very much a citrus scent but it is a little bit different, it kind of smells like a candy and also has the tiniest bit of a floral note to it, it’s honestly rather interesting. I am really happy with this scent and would suggest giving it a sniff if you come across it, which is really my advice for all Lush products.

This one felt great in the water, that melt on the top really left my skin feeling extra hydrated and moisturized, which is always a plus for me. The scent lingered on my skin really lightly and there was glitter on me for the next day, nothing too terrible though.

Overall, I do really like this bath bomb, it smells great and feels really fantastic in the bathwater, so I am a big fan of that. I could see myself picking up another one of these in the future, once I finally widdle down my collection a little bit.

What is your favorite brand of bath bomb?


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