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Dupe: Lime Crime vs Colourpop Lip Liners

I was looking through my stash, or more my hoard, of lip liners the other day and in the packaging these two looked like they could potentially be dupes, so I didn’t test them at all and instead am testing them out today for my month dupes post, so let’s get into it and find out of these two are dupes or not.

This month I am pitting two lip liners against each other to see how they do. The first is the Lime Crime velvetine lip liner in the shade Taupest which retails for $16.00. It challenger is the Colourpop lippie pencil in the shade Beeper which retails for $6.00. So, this month there is a $10.00 difference between the two products, which is a pretty big chunk.  The Lime Crime comes with a little bit more product but not enough to really justify the price difference between the two products, but it is something to note.

As for packaging, I don’t believe that these two are complete dupes, they don’t look anything alike in terms of outer appearance but in terms of the basics of them, they are a lot a like. It’s almost like the same packaging with a different outward appearance, which I like though I must admit I almost wish that they were retractable.

These are swatches of the two side by side, on top is the shade Beeper and on the bottom is the shade Taupest, so as you can see these two don’t look as similar swatched as I thought they did in the packaging.  It’s fairly simple and straightforward packaging. I do prefer the Lime Crime packaging, it’s just cuter and more fun.

Let’s talk formula for a moment, these two actually have a really similar formula and I really enjoy both of them. They are both super creamy and they glide on like a dream, however they still last really well on the lips and look matte. Both of them make excellent lip liners and would make for a great lip base.

I must admit that I do prefer the Lime Crime formula just a hair more, it’s almost not worth mentioning but I thought I would put it out there.

Both brands have a fairly good range of shades as well, they both have a lot of your typical shades but also have a few fun ones mixed in.

Now, as for the color match, on the lips, these are still not dupes. I do think these are in the same family, but the Lime Crime is a little bit lighter than the Colourpop. I don’t think that they are close enough to not own both but I also don’t think they are so different that you need to have both.

What kind of dupes do you want to see?


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