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100 Days of Eyeshadow: Update #2

I am back again and ready to share another thirty-one eyeshadow looks with you guys, I am very excited and have gone through a bunch, I am keeping a lot of these palettes but I feel like I have gotten rid of a good chunk as well, which is always nice. So let’s just jump into it and see what I have been up to.

Day 32 – Bad Habit Beauty After Dark Palette – This is a warm-toned palette and is supposed to be a dupe of one of the little Huda Beauty palettes, which I do not own but from what I can tell it is pretty spot on. I am not the biggest fan of this formula, which I guess is clear now since I have gotten rid of all of the palettes from this collection, except for maybe one of them. Verdict: Pass

Day 33 – Makeup Revolution Vitality Palette – I hear this is supposed to be a loose dupe of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and I can see that, though I must admit that I don’t think this is anywhere as nice as that palette is. I liked this one and it’s still pretty easy to work with. Verdict: Keep, for now.

Day 34 – Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette – This is in my project pan I believe and this is a product that I have probably had for a long time. I used to love this palette and I used it all the time, I still like it but I am not sure that I like it as much as I remember enjoying it. Verdict: Pass, I also have some weird memories attached to this one.

Day 35 – e.l.f. The New Classics Palette – One of my favorite YouTubers was talking about this palette so I knew that I had to try this palette out, this one is actually a really nice neutral palette, it has a good range of shades and it is easy to work with. Verdict: Keep

Day 36 – I Heart Revolution Maple Glazed Palette – This is one of the really fun donut-shaped ones that they have out right now, I actually really like this one though I am a little bit on the fence about this one due to already having colors like this one. I don’t love the formula of the shimmers that much either, they are very pigmented and bright but they are hard to blend and work with. Verdict: Pass.

Day 37 – Lime Crime Birthday Palette – This one is so fun and bright, I really love looking at it because it is so pretty and I’m a big fan. I will say that a lot of these shadows are a little bit on the sheer side of things but can be built up pretty well, which I kind of like. Though there are a couple of shades that are still on the more sheer side of things no matter what. Verdict: Keep.

Day 38 – I Heart Revolution Chocolate Dipped – I wasn’t impressed by this one at all, this one is a good one if you are looking for a light neutral look in fun packaging, but otherwise, I did not enjoy it. I don’t think the shades were pigmented at all and I don’t think that they were that easy to work with. Verdict: Pass.

Day 39 – Lime Crime Plushies Chocolate Milk Palette – This one is a tough one, the formula on these mattes is fantastic, they are very soft and blendable, but also buildable and I really like the formula. However, the color palette in this one is a little bit confusing for me, I had a hard time coming up with a look within this palette alone and I am trying to have only palettes that I can work with alone or with others if I chose to. Verdict: Pass.

Day 40 – Nabla Secret Palette – This one is newer to me and I am loving it so far, this has shades in it that I don’t always reach for or have in other palettes, which is exciting. I am very happy to have gotten my hands on this one and love the eye look that I came up with using it. This look might be a little dark and simple but I think it looked great. Verdict: Keep

Day 41 – NYX Ultimate Brights Palette – This was a long-time favorite of mine because for a good while this was the only colorful eyeshadow palette that I owned, I recently did a revisit on this palette that you can check out here to see my full thoughts on this one. While I love the look I have created and have loved this palette for a long time, I think it’s time for it to move on. Verdict: Pass, though this is a great one.

Day 42 – I Heart Revolution Donut Eyeshadow Palette in Blueberry Crush – I think that this is one of the better ones from this range, the colors are very pigmented but easier to work with. My problem with this eyeshadow palette is that while I do love blue eyeshadow, I am not sure that I love this mini palette because I don’t feel like I can come up with a ton of looks using it. Verdict: Pass.

Day 43 – I Heart Revolution Donut Eyeshadow Palette in Strawberry Sprinkles– I really love the look that I came up with here, I think it’s pretty and kind of soft while also being bright and fun. Verdict: Keep.

Day 44 – I Heart Revolution Donut Eyeshadow Palette in Raspberry Icing – I love this little pink palette, this is probably the best from the line if you ask me, it’s a very pretty range of pinks that make a lot of sense together. I loved this look and so far I love this palette. Verdict: Keep.

Day 45 – Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Palette – I don’t know what it is about this palette but I felt like I had to have it, even though the colors aren’t particularly interesting or exciting and to be completely honest, this palette is a huge letdown. I was not happy with the look, the way the shadows work together and overall it was just a mess. Verdict: Pass.

Day 46 – Colourpop Rendevous Palette – This one is so pretty and I think this one will be great during the fall and wintertime, it just feels like a deeper more jewel-toned kind of palette and I like that. Verdict: Keep.

Day 47 – The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette – I have heard nothing but good things about The Balm, everything that I have tried up until this point has been fantastic, however, I think at this point it is safe to say that I don’t really like their eyeshadows. This formula is so sheer that it barely shows up, they are soft but the pigmentation was terrible. Verdict: Pass.

Day 48 – Colourpop Zodiac Palette – This one is such a fun palette, even if I personally think the colors together are a little bit random, but at the same time I kind of like that because it makes for a fun look usually. I liked how this turned out and loved the formula of these shadows. Verdict: Keep.

Day 49 – Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette – This was is a warm palette and while I have no real problems with this one, I just feel like I don’t need it in my collection because I have other warm eyeshadow palettes that I simply like more than this one. Verdict: Pass.

Day 50 – NARS Duo in X Rated – This one is barely a palette but I decided to throw it in this challenge because I wanted to, honestly making a look with just these two shadows is kind of hard and personally I don’t like the way either shadow performs, so this one is off to go live with someone else. Verdict: Pass.

Day 51 – Bad Habit Aura Palette – This one is a dupe and I do have the original, so I don’t really see much of a point in keeping this around, especially because at this point I am not really a fan of the Bad Habit formula. Some of their palettes seem to be pretty good but for the most part they aren’t great. Verdict: Pass.

Day 52 – Bad Habit Retro Love Palette  I have gotten rid of the Subculture palette, which is the palette that this is a dupe for, so I think it is safe to say that I don’t really like this one either. I am just not the biggest fan of the color story, it looks great but I just don’t work well with it. And like I said above, Bad Habit doesn’t have my most favorite shadow formula. Verdict: Pass.

Day 53 – Profusion Infatuation Palette – This was one that I was really surprised with, I adore the look that I came up with using this one and the formula was really impressive. These shadows are on the slightly sheerer side of things but they are buildable and actually blend really easily. Verdict: Keep.

Day 54 – Mac Art History Palette – This palette is super fun and there are a few shades that I really love in it, however, I don’t find that the quality is up to the standards that I expect from a product like this, so I’m a little bit grumpy about that. I also realized that I don’t adore the color story. Verdict: Pass.

Day 55 – Bad Habit After Hours Palette – I think at this point you guys know my feelings on Bad Habit formula, this one is one of the better ones I think however I don’t really feel like I need this one in my collection because I do own the huda beauty palette that this is a dupe of. Verdict: Pass.

Day 56 – Wet ‘N Wild V.I.Purple Palette – This is a cute little purple palette, this one is fun and I quite like that. The colors all seem to go together but I didn’t love this one though and found it a little bit hard to blend out.  Verdict: Pass.

Day 57 – Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Palette – This is another all purple palette and I really like this one, I wasn’t sure going into it but the look that I have created is pretty great, if you ask me, so I am happy with this palette. Verdict: Keep.

Day 58 – BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Palette  – This is another really affordable really colorful palette, this one has every shade you could ever want in terms of bright colors. I love the look that I created here and I love this palette, it’s pretty much always my go-to for bright eyeshadow looks. Verdict: Keep.

Day 59 – Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette – We have another bright and colorful eyeshadow palette to share, this is another one that I think is great. This one may be small but it is mighty and fairly easy to come up with fun looks with. Verdict: Keep.

Day 60 – Ace Beaute Slice of Paradise Palette – This is yet another fun and colorful palette, as you can probably tell I have a slight weakness for those. This one is really nice and I quite enjoy it, so this one will for sure stick around in my collection. Verdict: Keep.

Day 61 – Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette – I’m a little bit on the fence for this one, this is a warm look and only warm looks from this palette. I like it but I’m not sure that I love it, for now, it’ll stay but it’s not completely safe. Verdict: Keep.

Day 62 – Dose of Colors Eyescream Palette – This palette is so fun because it is a mix of colors but in a more wearable and somewhat pastel kind of way. I love the looks that I can create with this palette and I love this look. I am super happy with the mix of colors and how easy these are to blend properly. Verdict: Keep.

I feel like I was even more cutthroat this month than I was the last month and it feels kind of great. And just in case this wasn’t clear, I’m not just throwing away makeup, I’m either passing it along to people I know or selling it off, the stuff that is still good anyway. But yeah, this month there were thirty-one days I am getting rid of sixteen palettes and keeping fifteen, which is as close to even as I can get. I am really happy with my choices and think that my collection is getting closer to what I want it to be and getting more use. Now, I just need to really start thinking about what I’ll be doing for the next round of decluttering.

Have you decluttered recently?


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