July 2019 Nail Wrap Up

I want to start off by saying that I have been wearing a lot of nail polish this past month, not only have I painted my nails a bunch but I have been super into color blocking which means even more nail polish to talk about. I think this love started partly because I really like the look of it and partly because I am really in a going through my stuff kind of mood and this helps me try out even more nail polish, so let’s not waste any more time and just dive into the mass amount of polish I have been using.

First up is something really fun and colorful, I’m still not quite sure what I was thinking but I do think I like the overall look of this duo. The silver shade is Mirror, Mirror by Ella + Mila and the yellow is Electric Daisy by Cirque Colors. I love the silver shade and I love having a silver polish back in my life, however, I am not sold on the formula of the neon yellow, it just didn’t apply super well so I might pass this along but I might give this another chance.

I am wearing I Scream Nails Million of Peaches as the base and Zoya’s Maria Luisa overtop. I like how these two look together but to be completely honest I hated the I Scream polish, it just doesn’t look great on my skin and the formula was really hard to work with, so I am for sure passing that one along. The Zoya one is really simple but is really pretty and makes for a great top coat when you are looking for something sparkly but not too much.

We have another colorblock, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of this for a while or until I am bored with it. This one is OPI Aurora Berry-alis and the glitter is Glam Polish Tale as Old As Time. I love both of these shades so much and if you ask me they make so much sense together, they go perfectly. I am very happy with the wear and appearance of both of these shades.

I am wearing two I Scream Polishes here, the bright pink is Musk Have it and the light pink is Vovolicious. Both of these will be leaving my collection, I’m just not sold on the formula of either one. I love the shades and I am a little bit on the fence with the brighter pink, but the lighter shade has no place in my collection.

Deco Miami is the brand of the next one and it is in the shade Frenchie, which I adore. This shade is so springy and pretty, the formula is fantastic and I found that it lasted pretty well, though I must admit that I change my nails fairly frequently so it is a little bit tough for me to fully comment on wear. I am happy with this shade and can see myself pulling this one out again.

This is another Glam Polish in the shade Knowhere, which is stunning and so subtly nerdy which I enjoy. I love glitter and I love dark blue glitter that reminds me of space, so this one checks all of the boxes for me.

My last nail look for the month is a new brand for me and that is the brand Morgan Taylor and the shade is Morphe With Me. This shade is super interesting if you ask me, which is why I wore it alone, I had no idea what to even pair with this one. This shifts between a lot of shades and the photo really doesn’t do it justice because it is really stunning.

So, it looks like two polishes are for sure leaving my stash this month and two are undecided, so that’s pretty good I think. I think  that I am going to start updating you guys on the status of polishes as I do these posts, especially since I am very focused on going through them right now. This month also brought a lot of different polish wear and I am hoping to keep it up during August, which so far I am as I am writing this post on the 5th and I’ve already worn two different manicures.

What are some of your favorite nail polish brands?


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