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July 2019 Empties

Yes, I am already talking about my empties from the month of July and I have quite a few, I don’t think it’s anything too ridiculous this month but it is a good amount of things. I am really happy with the progress I have made this past month, I am using up things but still getting to enjoy them and that is something that I love doing. Let’s talk about the items that I finally get to throw into the trash.

Say Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Clay Hair Mask – I saw this while browsing through the aisle at Target and was interested when I saw this, I love blueberry scented products and I love hair masks so I had to try this. I didn’t like this, I don’t feel like this made my hair feel softer, in fact, I think that it made my hair feel worse. Repurchase: No.

Brite Vegan Ice Cream Masque in Watermelon Gelato – This another hair mask and this one I actually really enjoyed, I have liked pretty much all of the hair masks from this brand and this one is no exception. I love the way that this smells and I love the way that this one left my hair feeling. Repurchase: Yes, I actually already have.

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub – I can’t stand the way that this scrub smells, I hate the smell of apple cider vinegar, however, that is my only problem with this product. I really love what this does for my scalp, I have a really dry and dandruffy scalp and I find that this really helps with that and I like that. Repurchase: Maybe, it’s so expensive so I am kind of looking for an alternative.

Bastiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical – I have had this one for longer than I probably want to admit to, but I don’t really use dry shampoo too often, so a full size bottle really takes me a while to get through but I have finally finished this up. I think this smelled a little strange, like coconut but also weird. I liked it fine, but it wasn’t anything exciting, not that I am any kind of expert on dry shampoo. Repuchase: Probably not, I don’t really use it.

Up & Up 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover – I don’t have anything super interesting or exciting to say about this one, it’s just your typical nail polish remover and it is the one that I usually buy, it does the job and is affordable. Repurchase: Yes, I already have.

e.l.f Marsh-Mellow Soothing Mask – This is just a mini size that I picked up in a set but I have finished it and it counts. This was not my favorite face mask, I didn’t have any problems with it really but I also don’t find that it really did anything for my skin. Repurchase: No, I wouldn’t.

Shiseido Facial Cotton – These are probably some of the most talked-about cotton pads and there is a reason for it, these are so soft and so nice, they are just excellent cotton pads and I never thought that would be something that I say. I loved these. Repurchase: No, just because I am trying to buy reusable products.

Drunk Elephant Mini Beste Jelly Cleanser – I liked this cleanser, I actually liked this a lot more than I did the last time that I used it. I found that this didn’t bother my skin or really irritate my eyes, so it’s safe to say that this one is one that I like. Repurchase: No, mostly because I don’t think this is that great of a cleanser.

Patchology Perk Up Eye Gels – I love these, they smell really fantastic, they are super cooling on the skin and really perk up the skin under my eyes. I am really happy with this purchase. Repurchase: Yes, I already have.

Bliss Makeup Melt Wipes – These are the wipes that I have been using for a little while and I really like them, they are gentle and get all of my makeup off, or at least a good chunk of my makeup off. These do have a slight scent to them but nothing too much. Repurchase: I do have one more pack of these but I won’t be repurchasing because I am trying to use less disposable things like this.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – This is a mini size and I did not get the chance to completely use this up because I could not stand the smell of this product on my face, I got to the point where I just couldn’t use this anymore and I wasn’t really noticing this doing anything for my skin. Repurchase: No.

Lush Maypole Body Lotion  – I wish this weren’t a limited edition product, I want this to be a regular line product because I love this lotion so much. This is a really sweet mint scent that I just adore, it smells exactly like the soap with the same name. Repurchase: I would in a second.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy – This is a mini size as well, I really loved the way that this smelled and I do have another mini size of this that I am excited to use. Repurchase: Yes, I would.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine – This is a sample size and I really like this perfume, I think that this smells like fresh orange juice and that is something that I am very into, I have gone through another one of these in the past and I think I have one more. Repurchase: Probably not, just because I like other scents better.

Jordana Fabuliner – This is a favorite from long ago and I picked one up recently, I was super disappointed with this, this was not anywhere near as good as I remember it being. This was not good at all. Repurchase: No.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Birthday – This is a favorite of mine, this smells amazing and always leaves my lips feeling great, it’s really comfortable and gives a nice bit of shimmer to the lips. Repurchase: Yes, I already have.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – This is my favorite eyeshadow primer, I have loved this stuff for years and that hasn’t changed, this really helps prolong the wear of my eyeshadow, this goes on really easy and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. This also lasts for so long when I have a tube. Repurchase: Yes, I would. I am trying another eye primer but I would buy this again for sure.

And those are all of my empties, a pretty good mix if you ask me, a mix of new products and old favorites and a mix of types of products I think. I am really happy with how this month turned out.

What are some things you have used up recently?


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3 thoughts on “July 2019 Empties

  1. I’ve only tried a couple of things from Drunk Elephant but so far, I haven’t loved them; especially for the price point. And I’ve never tried the Too Faced Shadow Insurance though I’ve always toyed around with the idea…maybe I’ll give it a go in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Drunk Elephant is so stupidly expensive, I have come across a couple things from the brand that I like enough to contemplate it but even then it’s hard. I’ve used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance since I can remember, I may have tried one other primer over the years other than it. Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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